Convert HTML file into PDF in PHP

This tutorial will guide you to convert HTML file into PDF directly. Web programmers need to convert their html file into pdf dynamically and it is a huge problem for them to convert dynamically. This tutorial is written in php. Here I use FPDF Library to convert html into pdf. When user gives any input to this library it automatically creates a pdf file with that content. [...]

Create Animated Bar Graph Chart in Jquery

This tutorial will explain about to create animated bar graph in jquery. Bar graph is very important in web development to explain about the data in graphical representation. This animated bar graph is created using jquery. Here user can fetch the data through database and pass that data into the javascript. So that data will display in graphical bar representation. [...]

Simple Lazy Loading Images in Jquery with Fade In Effect

This tutorial will explain about lazy loading image in jqury with fade in effect. This effect allows us to give special effect to our image while loading. When we need to load several images one by one. So loading images one by one is more effective then loading all images at a time. Here when user scroll the cursor then image starts loading. When user down the cursor the image start loading with fade in effect. This effect is very useful for web application. [...]

Download Pagination in PHP and MySql With Example

This tutorial will explain about to make Pagination in PHP and MySql. Pagination technique is very important in Web Application where user need to display more content in one page. So using this Pagination technique we will divide the content into page and display all those content page wise. This pagination technique creates separate url for each page. Here we are using PHP to create Pagination and Mysql to fetch data from the table. This pagination technique is very important where we need to create more url. We can increase the number of URL by using the Pagination. [...]

Download Mysql Table Data into Excel Sheet Format in PHP

This tutorial will explain about downloading the mysql data into excel sheet format using PHP mysql. Here we will select all the data as per our mysql query and generate a excel file according to that data and we can set a selected column name as the excel sheet header. We will make use of PHP and Mysql to do this functionality. This downloading option is very important in web application. Using this code we can generate a report from our Mysql data. We can generate different type of Report from User Report, Admin Report or Leads Report etc. [...]

What is AngularJS. Why AngularJS is the most preferred framework?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that has lately been covering a lot of ground that HTML left under-utilized or uncovered. AngularJS has been immensely successful in raising the HTML functionalities to several notches above than its defaults. It has added new dimensions to how we develop and work with documents and apps, equipping them with much more versatility. That said, it would be a mistake to assume that AngularJS ditches the HTML features. Rather, it takes them along develops them into something bigger and better. [...]

What is jQuery, Its Use and how does it work, How to implement it in Website?

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that makes using JavaScript much easier on your website. Have you been planning on using it, but are vaguely aware of it? I'll recommend you to read this post, as it will provide you an insightful look at how resourceful query could be. In addition, you'll gain basic understanding about its basic aspects. [...]

Difference between MYISAM and InnoDB Mysql Engine

This tutorial will explain about detail difference between MyISAM and InnoDB Mysql Engine. Mysql supports different type of table engine but these two MyISAM and InnoDB engine is widely used by developer. MyISAM is very old engine but widely accepted. Now InnoDB is widely used as it supports ACID complaint and Transaction. Transaction is very important while designing a database because it is important concept in most website like ecommerce or any other web portal. [...]

Simple Contact Form in PHP Mysql  Ajax with Javascript Validation

This tutorial will explain about Simple Contact Form in PHP Mysql Ajax with Javascript Validation. Here contact form is built in simple HTML and textbox, textarea validation is done with javascript. All the user input will be store in Mysql table. When user gives any input, we will serve all input via Ajax and insert into mysql table. After successful insertion into table we will send back a success message into the same page. Here without navigating to other page user can insert data and get the response in same page. [...]

Designing a Responsive Website Using Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is an HTML/JavaScript/CSS framework that has been increasingly becoming popular these days as a dynamic front-end development tool. It provides an awesome way of building a flawless website. The framework is built using state-of-the-art HTML5 and CSS3 coding stands and features a great deal of awesome widgets, attractive typography, and the above all, it provides support for the smooth functioning of responsive design that looks graceful running on a wide range of devices, irrespective of the screen size, platform and orientation. [...]