How to promote your business via social media in 2018

Nowadays social media has become one of the most crucial platforms for everyone. Millions of people check their social media profiles on a daily basis and every piece of information that once settles there can potentially spread out in a matter of a second. So, considering the presence of such a big audience in such an easily accessed platform, it is a fair chance for promoting your business. Here are a couple of tips that will help you handle how to start and maintain it. [...]

3 Ways to Come Up with More Effective Marketing Images

Images are used throughout marketing nowadays, there it is to promote a brand on social media, increase conversion rates of a website, or as part of a visual content marketing strategy. If you’re using marketing images in any way it is likely they’ll have a big impact on your results – which is why you should ensure they are as effective as possible. Coming up with more effective marketing images can be tricky, as it is admittedly a fairly subjective area. [...]

How to Create the Best AdWords Expanded Text Ads to Boost Your Sales

As you might have heard, Google has updated the look of AdWords. Now, you can create what is called expanded text ads, which means exactly what it says: that now you can add 50 characters more to it. As you might have heard, Google has updated the look of AdWords. [...]

8 Free Tools to Run Business Online

Knowledge of tools and apps is essential to run your business online. You need right tools to do the things right. No single tool can work magic; you need a combination of these and little bit of training too. Without training one cannot get desired benefits as promised by the tools developers. Whatever tools you decide upon to use, whether free or paid or a combination of both, must put time in learning of these together with your coworkers. [...]

Top rules to ensure successful mobile app monetization

It is the dream of every mobile app developer that his/her app exceeds the boundaries of financial success. While some of them are able to realize their dream, others continue struggling for gaining a unique niche in the world of mobile app monetization. With mobile apps accounting for a large quantity of income that's flowing into the software sector, you can choose to device an app monetization campaign that will help you to fetch a seat among the privileged minority of app developers/owners who are making quick money via their apps. [...]

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money Online From Home

In this trend of online, everyone wants to become free from burden of company work load. So they are searching for some type of work where they can become self-employed. Currently, Make money online is the most searchable keyword on Google. Freelancing means a person who is self employed and not depend on any company for long time. It means that they are self-contractor. And online freelancing work means work getting from online. [...]

What is ORDER TO CASH (OTC or O2C)

The order-to-cash (OTC or O2C) process contains everything from the order, packaging, and delivery of goods and services to depositing the money in the bank. Order to cash (OTC or O2C) is a set of business processes that involve receiving and fulfilling customer requests for goods or services. It is a business process for receiving and processing customer sales. It contains whole process ranging from customer purchase order to Invoice. [...]

List of Best 100 Free Classified Website for Ad Post

Classified Ad posting is the main task for any SEO professional. These are mainly used for promoting your website on top. These days everyone want to promote their website on top. For them, this is the best option. [...]