How to enable GZIP Compression for web page speed

This tutorial will explain about GZIP Compression for our website. As we know that compression means to compress the file size. So the loading time of web page is fast. Compression permits our web server to supply smaller file sizes that load quicker for your web site users. We can compress our static files like HTML, CSS and javascript with gzip that can save our bandwidth upto sixty to seventy percent of the actual file size. This means that it takes less time to load our web pages. Nowadays every website uses GZIP Compression technique to reduce the file size. Now most of the search engine suggests enabling GZIP compression technique to our website. [...]

Media Queries breakpoints for Standard device in Responsive Web Design

In this tutorial we will learn about Media Queries breakpoints in Responsive Web design. Media Queries breakpoints are an important rule or setting to create responsive design. The main goal of responsive we design to have a better user experience while browsing the site in any devices. So for setting rules for all devices, we need to create a common CSS file that have separate viewpoints for all devices and Media Queries is a best tool to create viewpoints for all device. [...]

Difference between display:none and visibility:hidden in CSS

In Some situation, we required to hide some HTML element like any DIV, p tag, span tag etc. So for hiding these element from HTML page, we use display:none and visibility:hidden. Both features is use to hide HTML element but main difference between these is to removing element from HTML DOM(Document Object Model). Main Difference is given below: [...]

A How to Guide: on Creating a Custom Widget in Your WordPress Dashboard

This tutorial will guide you to create custom widget in wordpress. As we know that custom widget is very important in wordpress. Widgets are highly useful tools that make the process of dragging and dropping elements in the sidebar or any other widget area of a WordPress website a hassle-free task. This help novices ability to easily add elements in their site without messing around with the code. [...]

Utilizing The Short Code API to enhance your capability to use Short Tags in Wordpress

WordPress, since its inception, has emerged as a platform that keeps on topping itself constantly for all the good reasons. Customization is an integral part of this CMS and it makes so many aspects of WordPress development a breeze. There are several ways to go about it, of which the most prominent way is utilizing WordPress shortcodes. Using this function, one can easily insert dynamic information to any post or page, and thus extend the capability of their website. [...]

Tips to write an efficient and fast Mysql Query

This tutorial will explain about to write an efficient and fast Mysql Query. These days there is big challenge for web developer or database administrator to speed up the Mysql query. If you do not write an efficient and fast Mysql Query, it will increase your query loading time. When you have more data in your table and you need to fetch data from that table then must use efficient query to speed up your query process time. [...]

What is AngularJS. Why AngularJS is the most preferred framework?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that has lately been covering a lot of ground that HTML left under-utilized or uncovered. AngularJS has been immensely successful in raising the HTML functionalities to several notches above than its defaults. It has added new dimensions to how we develop and work with documents and apps, equipping them with much more versatility. That said, it would be a mistake to assume that AngularJS ditches the HTML features. Rather, it takes them along develops them into something bigger and better. [...]

What is jQuery, Its Use and how does it work, How to implement it in Website?

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that makes using JavaScript much easier on your website. Have you been planning on using it, but are vaguely aware of it? I'll recommend you to read this post, as it will provide you an insightful look at how resourceful query could be. In addition, you'll gain basic understanding about its basic aspects. [...]

How to install memcache with wamp and PHP 5.3

Today, we will learn about how to install memcache with wamp and PHP 5.3. Memcache is very important in web technology and it is best method for caching system. This tutorial includes installation of memcache with Window, Apache, Mysql and PHP (5.3 and above version). Main advantage of Caching technique is to reduce the server load. When user opens the website and if it is first time, then a connection made to the server and serve the data and all the data will be cached in user’s local system. Second time when, user opens website, it serve data from cache. So, the server load will reduce. [...]

6 Of the Best CDN Services To Boost Your Website Performance

CDN or Content Delivery Network is the most viable way to improve website speed. A CDN help reduce delays in accessing web content by storing it on a network of blazingly fast servers. There are various CDN available on the web, and thus choosing the ideal one for your website can be tricky. In this post we will look at some of the best and popular CDNs. But before going through our list of the top CDNs, let us first have a basic understanding of CDN. [...]