Integrate YouTube API with PHP for data and Video Analytics

YouTube is currently world most popular video sharing website. Over three billion hours of videos are watched every month and over 72 hours of video content is uploaded every minute. It also provides offline facility in which you can watch video offline once you save it. Today we would know about YouTube API with PHP. [...]

CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners

PHP has lot of framework and cms for rapid development. Today we are going to tell you one of most popular framework of PHP that can speed up your development. It follows MVC Pattern in which separating logic from presentation. Most frameworks use MVC (Model View Controller) pattern that help to build full featured web applications. [...]

Create Simple Shopping Cart with PHP and Mysql

Any Online store cannot be managed without shopping cart. Almost all Famous E-commerce scripts like Magento, OpenCart , osCommerce etc have most of their powerful from their different shapes of shopping carts. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a simple php shopping cart. [...]

Simple CRUD Operation in CakePHP 3

CakePHP is a powerful and robust PHP framework that uses MVC design patterns. Before you can start your first CakePHPcode, you should understand what MVC is. MVC stand for Model View Control. It means that your application is divided into three parts models, views, and controllers. [...]

Login with Twitter OAuth API Using PHP

Twitter has become most popular social network after Facebook. Millions of users are connected and active daily with twitter. Now a days every web application will have this social network OAuth to improve user comfort level. So user would not need to create separate login credential for each application. [...]

Facebook Login using PHP - Web SDK

Facebook login in any website is convenient and secure way to register users instead of registering with long registration form. Most of websites are using facbook login facility to register users and can track easily user basic details. A user who comes on website prefers to login with facebook to get new update of website. [...]

AngularJS Routing Example and Single Page View Tutorial

In this tutorial I will tell you what is routing in angularjs, how to implement routing in angularjs and how to manage different views in on angular app. The magic of routing in angularjs means we will stay on one page and without reloading the page we will load other views to it. Routing helps you in dividing your application in logical views and bind different views to Controllers. [...]

AngularJS Tutorial RESTful JSON Parsing

In this tutorial I am going to explain you how to parse data to your angular application using RESTful JSON or you can incorporate data using other API's too, to do the following we are going to use $http service. Here we can parse data using RESTful JSON. [...]

AngularJS Controller Tutorial with Example

This tutorial will explain about AngularJs Controller with live example. As we know that Controllers are the main directives who controls AngularJs application. Here we use ng-controller directive for controller example. Let us see live demo of AngularJs for better understanding. [...]

Two Way Data Binding In AngularJS with Directives

In this post I am going to explain two way data binding in AngularJs, two way data binding means data is being synced between model to view and view to model in realtime, which means view gets updated as soon as model get change and vice versa. It means that any data which change in model will directly change into its respective view. [...]