Facebook launches new Shared Album features

Facebook social networking site has launches its new feature shared photo album on last Monday.  Now several user of facebook can share photos of them in a single album. Currently, this feature is available in only English speaking user and gradually it will be available over world.

When user creates album then there will be a button “Make Shared Album”. When user clicks on that then they can add up to 50 people into that album. The main benefit of this album is that in a single album all the member of friends and family can share photos. Currently, every user can only share photos on their album but in share album the entire shared member can add, edit and view all the photos.

Here a member creates album and add own photos and share their relatives or friends, and then they will also upload their snapshot. SO that album will become a bucket of family album and all the member can easily view it.

Privacy settings are available to allow sharing only the people who are in friends list or in the list of friends of friend.

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