How to Create Custom Social Share Links

Now a days, Almost all blogging sites have option to share their article on social media. It is the best option for increasing website or article reach. It increases user impression and help to add new user which is related to article category. You would not believe there are lot of websites in which traffics come from social sites. Social media are playing very big role to increase audience and reach. Today we are going to tell you how you can add custom social share link on your website or web application in some minute. All social sites provide plugin to share information on their sites because this way a user can share information to many people. It also reduces cost of your product which you spend in marketing to promote any product. 

There are many benefits to share information on social media as shown below:

1.    Very fast way to viral any information.
2.    Millions of people active daily on social sites.
3.    Best platforms to share any information.
4.    It can make popular to anyone with in one night.

Now Let’s see step by step that how can we achieve this thing or add in websites or web applications. First create file index.html and add below code with some changes as we are telling here:

1.    Put your Facebook page link in place of Facebook URL as shown in given anchor tag:

2.    Put your Google plus link in place of Google-plus-URL as shown in given anchor tag:

‚Äč3.    Put your Twitter URL link in place of Twitter-URL and add some text in place of Some text as shown in given anchor tag:

4.    Put your LinkedIn URL link in place of LinkedIn URL as shown in given anchor tag:

5.    Put your Pinterest URL link in place of LinkedIn URL as shown in given anchor tag:


6.    Put your Stumble upon URL link in place of LinkedIn URL as shown in given anchor tag:


7.    Add some JavaScript code at the bottom as shown below:


Run index.html file will work all social sites link still have any doubt Please feel free to comment below.


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