Micro programmed control and hard-wired control


Micro programmed control
Micro programmed control is a control mechanism to generate control signals by using a memory called control storage (CS), which contains the control signals.  Although micro programmed control seems to be advantageous to CISC machines, since CISC requires systematic development of sophisticated control signals, there is no intrinsic difference between these 2 control mechanisms.
Hard-wired control
Hardwired control is a control mechanism to generate control signals by using appropriate finite state machine (FSM). The pair of "microinstruction-register" and "control storage address register" can be regarded as a "state register" for the hardwired control. Note that the control storage can be regarded as a kind of combinational logic circuit. We can assign any 0, 1 values to each output corresponding to each address, which can be regarded as the input for a combinational logic circuit. This is a truth table.

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