Server Side Filtering using jQuery Ajax PHP and MySQL

When you have records or data in thousands or million, it is difficult to find any data or record Manually. For that type of problem, we use filtering to find record from thousands or millions. If you are working with lot of data, the you will obviously need of filtering. There are lot of benefits of using filter like you can save your time and you can find all the user which name starts from specific character. You can also apply sorting by ascending, descending, Newest record and more. [...]

Submit a Form without Refreshing page with jQuery and Ajax

Sometimes you will need perform operations like insert or update record without refresh page. It can be done by JQuery and Ajax in PHP Language. Firstly, we create a simple Html Form after that we will connect to it database and send user entered form data to another page which name is data.php using Ajax. After getting form data into data.php page we insert data into database without refreshing page. [...]

Send Beautiful HTML Email using PHP

There are many situation where you will need to send mail to convey information to users. In PHP you will find mail function which works as function takes three arguments to send mail. The mail which your sending should look good because user experience and it can be done by using HTML and CSS. [...]

How to create and run Cron job in PHP

Cron jobs are useful when you want to execute some code to be executed on specified time or date like once in seven day or once in a day. Sometimes you will need to run Cron job to do particular task like send mails to registered users on each Sunday. Cron job is a Linux command for scheduling a task to be executed sometimes in the future. There are many situations when a web application may need certain task to run periodically. In this Article, we are going to tell you a lot about the Cron jobs. [...]

Top 7 Marvelous Uses of PHP Development

Millions of websites are created using PHP, from a simple business website to the most popular social media platform Facebook is built with it. It helps in developing websites and web pages using versatile scripting language that is featured rich, easy to use, give maximum control and is cost effective. [...]

10 ways the new PHP 7 will boost your web applications

The PHP 7.0.0 released on 3 December 2015 opening new possibilities to developers who love working with Open Source. Whether you use WordPress, Joomla or Magneto its time to migrate from old version of PHP to new PHP 7.0.0 and tweak your web applications. Whenever you start to adopt new version, first, take strong back up of all your data. The new PHP 7 release is the biggest change brought out after PHP 3 version. Here are 10 Things you must know about PHP 7. [...]

How to install CURL and Check CURL is enabled or available in Web Server using PHP

This tutorial will explain about to check whether CURL is enabled or not in your web server. CURL(Transfer a URL) is a tool to transfer data from one server to another server using any supported protocol like SMTP, SMTPS, HTTP, HTTPS etc. These CURL is used by many application. You can also enable the CURL using PHP.ini file from PHP Extension. These days most of the web server provider supports CURL and enabled it by default. But you can also enable it. If you use any shared web server, you can contact to your service provider to enable it. The following steps will explain about CURL installation [...]

Autocomplete search in PHP, Mysql, Json with href Link Navigation

This tutorial describes about auto complete search in PHP, Mysql, Json. Auto complete search is very important in present Web Technology. This is very similar to facebook like Autosuggestion box or auto search box. Auto complete search means that when user enter any keyword in the text field then all the content related to the word comes into a drop down where user can scroll and view their respective content. This Autosuggestion is very important where user does not aware of their exact search. [...]

Cookie based Like Dislike Voting System in PHP, Mysql

This tutorial will learn about cookie based like dislike counter in php, ajax, mysql. Voting system become very important part in website development to rate their product, article etc. This voting system is similar to youtube like dislike. Here also we have two thumb up and down for like and dislike. If user clicks on up thumb then one like counter will increase and a count increase in table and same as if user clicks on down thumb then one dislike counter will increase and a count increase in table. [...]

Import Excel file data in mysql database using PHP

This tutorial will learn how to import excel sheet data in mysql database using php. In web development, Sometime it is necessary to upload bulk data in database. So just inserting data one by one is very difficult and time consuming. Here You will learn how to upload bulk data in database from excel sheet. Currently, In all website as well as portal, it need to upload bulk amount of data or import bulk amount of data from excel sheet to database. [...]