Load More Results in PHP, Ajax from database

This tutorial will show how to do load more results in php, mysql and ajax. It is very important in web development. This is a another pagination technique without refreshing the page. Initially Facebook and Twitter use this technique to load more contents. The main benefit of this load more results is that it is not refreshing the page or creating new url. By using Ajax we can call another set of result on same page. So url redirection will be easy in this technique. [...]

Upload Multiple Image in PHP and Mysql

In this PHP tutorial, you will learn how to upload multiple images using PHP and Mysql. Mysql is used to store uploaded Image. You can display that stored Image in frontend. [...]

Create RSS Feed with PHP Mysql

RSS feed is playing main role for syndicating information to large audiences. By this feed you can update your audience with your latest content or information. RSS feed means that if you have some number of registered audiences then you can share your new updates and news directly to your audience on their registered e-mails ID. [...]

Create Registration Form using PHP and Mysql

In this tutorial, I will explain that how to create a simple registration form in PHP and mysql. Registration form is necessary for all online activities for small website to a big web portal. Registration means providing necessary information to the website for further activities. The website will store all the information into their database and when you will again visit that website you just need to login no need to provide detail again. [...]

Download Login Form in PHP and Mysql

In this tutorial I will explain that how to create a login form in PHP mysql. Creating login form in any language has same concept that We will retrieve the previously stored User credential like User name and password and while Login when user provide inputs like Username and password, we will compare this Input with the stored fields for that User. When both are same user will redirect to the next page otherwise some error will print with login fail message. Now let us understand the steps behind this: [...]

Session in PHP

The main drawback of HTML is, It cannot send data from one page to another page. When a new page is loaded, all the value or data from previous page removed and new page loaded. So it is not helpful in today’s E-Commerce like shopping cart, online banking etc. [...]

Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture in PHP

Model-View-Controller (MVC) has been widely accepted by developers. It is most used architecture for web development world. At first, it was introduced in Smalltalk but did not get much popularity but when this concept introduced in JAVA. It becomes more popular and famous. [...]