Google reCAPTCHA – How To Get Secret Key & The Site Key

With the rise of spam attacks going crazy over the years, Google reCAPTCHA is one of the best Anti-Spamming security that will protect your websites from all sorts of attacks. However, integrating the latest Google reCAPTCHA v3 would be a rather tricky technique. You will have to register the domain[...]

23rd Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh
How to generate QR Code using php

QR code is just a conventional two dimensional barcode or a matrix barcode which is using for a quick response or to retrieve small piece of data by scanning the QR image from your phone or any QR scanner. These days, several  recent applications are using QR code to store[...]

29th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh
How to Install GitHub Desktop – Setting up GitHub like a Pro

GitHub Desktop allows you to have complete control over GitHub from the easy access of your desktop. If you're the type of person who doesn't want to rely on the web browser, GitHub Desktop is spot on for you. It will make the whole workflow faster, easier, and credible. In[...]

30th Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh
How to resolve long http request timeout

We stuck in some situation where we encounter with the HTTP request timeout problem. This kind of HTTP request timing out may happen due to very heavy and complex manipulation of code and queries or have receive high traffic, poorly coded script or have some host issue. This long HTTP[...]

19th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh
Laravel 5.5 CRUD operation with Vuejs 2.0 step by step explanation

In my previous article, I had shown you how to do CRUD operation using Laravel. In this article, I am going to take it to the next level of CRUD operation. I am going to show you to do CRUD operation using Vuejs with Laravel. Scope of this project: Using[...]

24th Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh
Bootstrap DataTable Using PHP, Mysql, Ajax, Json with server side script

In this tutorial we will learn about implementation of Bootstrap DataTable. As we know Bootstrap is a very popular open source project that provides us much option in web development. Bootstrap is just a CSS based framework that can easily be integrated with minimum customization. In web development, we required[...]

18th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh
AngularJS Tutorial RESTful JSON Parsing

In this tutorial I am going to explain you how to parse data to your angular application using RESTful JSON or you can incorporate data using other API’s too, to do the following we are going to use $http service. Here we can parse data using RESTful JSON. AngularJS $http:[...]

12th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh
A tutorial on ReactJS for Beginners with live demo and download

Before a few years ago, Facebook reactjs, JavaScript is used for frontend development like validation to form. But facebook nowadays, People are using it for frontend as well as backend development. So it is being popular. You don’t need to server-side language like PHP, .Net for developing web and mobile[...]

30th Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh
Server Side Filtering using jQuery Ajax PHP and MySQL

When you have records or data in thousands or millions, it is difficult to find any data or record Manually.  For that type of problem, we use filtering to find records from thousands or millions. If you are working with a lot of data, you will obviously need server-side filtering.[...]

28th Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh
Multiple image upload and resize using AJAX and PHP

One of the most important features in the social media platforms is uploading and resizing multiple images using ajax without refreshing the web page. If you manage a website that serves a lot of users' data, you need to decrease the transferred data from your server to the browser as[...]

28th Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh