10 Efficient Advertising Strategies for your Digital Marketing Startup

Abhigyan Singh 24th Sep 2020

Digital advertising has emerged as a significant component of the online marketing scenario. Nowadays several digital marketing courses offer useful insights about how site design, message elements, and medium can be worked in your market strategies to generate the desired results. Both B2B and B2C businesses effectively utilize digital marketing strategies to increase their customer outreach. Digital advertisements not only allow companies to grow their online presence, but they also provide visibility to a more diverse and broader audience. The following    advertising strategies can help your startup get the results it is looking for:

  • Start With Why:

Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start With Why’ advises young startups to start with explaining why they do, instead of what they do. If you communicate the message about why your startup exists, it makes it easy for prospective customers to identify with the brand that you’re trying to build. You are more likely to convert visitors into leads if you give a compelling explanation of why you are making your product. Apple is a company that advertises why they do what they do. It talks about pushing humanity forward and challenging the status quo, which sets it a class apart.

  • Know Your Target Audience:

It is critical to understand the audience you are targeting to advertise relevant content that appeals to them. For any digital marketing startup to be effective, identifying who their audience is and which social media sites they spend time on can prove highly beneficial. The next step is to provide attractive content on these social media platforms that the target audience can relate to. Facebook is a leader in the race of online advertising as it offers options to define your business and what you want to market.

  • Use Creative Elements:

Use of creative elements while advertising your content can help to make your business stand out from other similar businesses in your field. Be it the logo, the font, or the design, creating content that catches the eye of the audience improves the attention span of your website visitors. Incorporating unique visual creative elements in your ads not only makes your brand recognizable but also retains the brand’s image in the audience’s mind.

  • Go Viral:

Ever wondered what Snapchat, Dropbox, Hotmail, and Mailbox have in common? They have successfully acquired millions of users by building virality into their product. A digital marketing startup can grow exponentially by going viral. If your product is worth recommendation, then every single user will recommend your product to two new users, thus translating into exponential growth. A test to determine the likelihood of a user recommending your product is by using the “Net Promote Score”. In this test, you ask the users how likely they are to recommend your product to their friends on a scale of 1-10. Your business is liable to achieve exponential growth if the aggregate score is above 9.

  • Install Customer Feedback Loop:

One of the most critical assets for startups is the knowledge of what they can improve in their products. In his book The Lean Startup, Eric Ries talks about an ‘Iteration Cycle’ which focuses on developing an agile system for making the relevant improvements that will bolster your business. Ries suggests that studying user behavior data can give meaningful insights about where and why people fall off your business.

  • Engagement Ad Campaigns:

Start-ups can build awareness of their personal brands by targeting their ads at specific influencers and companies. Use social ads to drive engagements with your prospective customers across all platforms while maintaining a consistent voice for your brand. Advertising your brand with influencers give good results because of their reach to a more wider and diverse audience. Engagement ad campaigns can, therefore, help in giving your startup the recognition it needs.

  • Facebook Advertising:

Facebook can be used as an effective channel to acquire customers. Identifying your target audience and then using page promoted posts targeting that audience in the news feed have the highest click-through engagement rates. The more engaging and unique your ad looks, the better. What sets your ad apart will drive curiosity in the audience, which ultimately transforms into increased customer engagement. For example, Uber’s crisp Facebook adverts targeting ‘comfortable and economical commute’ have gone a long way in building the brand’s presence.

  • Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a cheap and effective way of running your advertising campaign. As a matter of fact, crafting a crisp and engaging email copy can go a long way in harnessing the desired attention from your audience. A survey conducted by Demand Metric and Data Marketing Association noted that email marketing had an ROI of 122%. So, a successful email campaign can effectively transform your audience into customers.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising involves the use of search engine advertising to get visitors for your website. PPC offers you an opportunity to target the right customers with the right ad while the data and insights you receive will serve you in sharpening your advertising strategies. Perhaps the most attractive advantage of PPC is that you’ll only have to pay when an interested person clicks on your ad, that is, you pay for the results you get.

  • Content Marketing:

When you’re running a digital marketing business, it all comes down to how you shape and market your content.  Content strategy can be developed to follow different stages of your prospective customers’ journey, and you can thus create relevant content that would target audience. The key to effective advertising through content lies in identifying what your target audience is interested in reading about and then shaping it according to their interest.

Content marketing strategies can therefore not only increase the visibility of your brand but can also boost brand awareness and recognition. For example, publishing a guest post on an influencer’s website about the domain of your business can not only drive engagement to your website, but it will also establish the credibility of your brand

In the face of fierce competition, building a successful startup can be a daunting task. The secret lies in adopting effective advertising strategies that can set your brand apart from others in your niche. If you’re looking to enhance your startup, investing in these advertising strategies will help you market your business effectively to the right audience.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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