10 Tools that Will Make an e-Commerce Business Thrive

Abhigyan Singh 30th Sep 2018

If you want your e-commerce business to thrive, then you must have the strongest assets to get ahead of your competitors. In 2018, there are tools that handle some advanced tasks and provide detailed solutions for businesses. Considering that profit lies in details like these, here are 10 tools that will make you go the extra mile:

1. MailChimp

Email commerce is extremely powerful in 2018 and a tool like MailChimp can help your business handle the millions of emails that must be sent to your customers. This is an email automation platform that can help you process not only the emails that must be sent but also the customer-related details that will be crucial for your retention and sales strategies (read a full MailChimp review here).

2. Sumo

To get visible results from email commerce you need a very long list of emails. Sumo provides you with simple tools like popups, welcome mats, or scroll boxes that can capture the email addresses of your website's users. This way, you can direct your campaign to people who have already interacted with your brand and who have a much higher potential of becoming customers.

3. Buffer

It is all too easy to get tangled up in all the separate social media campaigns you have to run at the same time. Your brand must be visible on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all at the same time, and Buffer can help you plan everything out with the least amount of effort. It will help you schedule posts and plan ahead, but it will also relay essential details about your campaigns' progression.

4. Emerge

If you were looking for the best inventory management software, then look no further because Emerge has all the features you will ever need for your e-commerce business. Holding a proper inventory can be rather difficult, but with a tool that shows you current issues, as well as potential ones, things might be easier. Moreover, a tool like this will keep you in close connection to your customer's purchase and web-interaction patterns, which will give you some valuable insight for your sales campaign.

5. Fomo

This is a very interesting tool that can show your users social proof that people they know have interacted with your products. This is extremely important because it will convey trust to your brand. If there is no data to show, then your marketing strategy is exactly the same, but if Fomo shows your users that their friends are your customers already, they are more likely to purchase something as well.

6. Beamer

This tool adds a newsfeed to your website that features your top product pages, the latest additions to your site, or the best-suited products for the user. This is likely to make the user interact with your website and maybe even convert. Please note that you can personalize the content displayed in the Beamer newsfeed and that you can include images, videos, and GIFs.

7. Omisend

Ominisend will optimize your customer information to increase the conversion rate. It offers an easy way to create popups, signup boxes, and other website features that your users interact with based on user patterns. Omnisend will help you tailor your website to the specific preferences of your users. Another excellent feature is keeping track of loyal users and offering them special offers or discounts to reward their fidelity.

8. Feedvisor

This amazing tool uses machine learning to determine the optimum price for your products that ensures sales and provides profits. It will determine the ideal price for both you and your user because it can take into consideration an extremely large amount of criteria. Feedvisor will convince your users to become customers by making them offers they can't refuse.

9. Refersion

If you are looking for a way to keep track of your affiliate program, then Refersion can give you all the data you need. This tool will help you measure clicks, referrals, and conversion rates so that you can get a clear picture of the profit brought to you by your affiliates.

10. Yotpo

The most valuable reviews for your customers are those written by other customers who have already interacted with the products they want to buy. Yotpo is a tool that can convince your existing customers to write reviews and provide pictures for your upcoming customers. Asking the right question at the right time can go a long way and Yotpo has mastered this technique for you.


Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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