10 ways to optimize your social media and brand building

Abhigyan Singh 20th Dec 2020

Brand Building is synonymous to social media in today’s world environment. Without going to popular networking websites one cannot even imagine about brand recognition and without recognition you are nobody. People want to do business with people to who they know. Personal connections can bring you and your business some recognition but to be successful you need recognition from everyone. This is where Social Media Optimization (SMO) comes into play. Here are 10 ways to optimize your social media and brand building.

1. Monitor Your Social Media

Nobody wants to buy a problem but seeks a solution. Know your audience. Monitor their behavior. Find what they talk about more often. Monitor your social media pages. To do this you can make use of social media tools. The learning is the key to mastering. Once you learn your audience's behavior you can drive them like a ring master.

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2. Write Awesome Social Posts

The phrase "content is the king" is most plagiarized statement in the world. Everyone owns a copyright on it. Create unique content to share with your audience. People come to social media for scanning through it. Create content that is to the point and fulfill to the scanning appetite of your audience. More often, people press like and share on social media posts without reading through a complete stuff. Awesome posts get more likes and shares. Content with images, gifs, hashtags and videos often stands out.

3. Write A Detailed Profile

Do you know, "About" is most hit tab in the Social Media. When people like a post, they want to know you and your brand. Often many look across your profile or page info. Write your Bio with profile image and cover image. If you are promoting a page, must include your business logo with a magnificent cover on it. Do not forget to write page description and mission statement. Without a proper mission statement your brand page is nothing but just another file name in the web directory. Include complete contact information so people can reach to you easily. Provide your contact details; e.g. walk up address, other social media link, email and any other info that you feel matters to your brand.

4. Build Your Connections

You need to reach to people and ask them to join your network. Include your profile or page badge in your website / blog. Write guest posts in popular forums and in the end of the discussion include social profile link in Author bio area (if allowed). Include hashtags in social media so people having similar interests may find you. Also you can include a Call To Action in your brand page to check out your website, subscribe for newsletter or press like and share.

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5. Personalize Connections With Social Media Users

You are not alone. There are many people like you looking for branding through social media. Find content that relates to your niche or influence it. Press like / share for awesome posts. Put sensible comments with a hashtags. This is one sure shot ways of making social reputation. Many will like your efforts and return a favor. Also you will win many friends and customers. Remember, your post likers and sharers are best free advertising resources of your brand.

6. Identify Your Social Networks

Social Media are many; you can not reach to everywhere. Identify best network for your brand. The best network is where your audiences are concentrated. Are you a hiring agent? LinkedIn holds more job seekers resumes than Twitter or Facebook. Designers prefer to speak in colors on Pinterest. Those who want to say in short often turn to Twitter. Know your network and put your best efforts to build a successful brand.

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7. Show Them What All You Have

The critics, appreciations and feedbacks work as powerful pitches. Reply to people’s comments and do not be miser in saying a ‘thank you’ when necessary. Show your customers feedback about services and products on social media.

8. Reach To Social Media Greats

Building a new brand is really tough if you are doing it first time or it’s a completely new product. Reach to influencers for speaking around your business and share posts on their timeline. The social media influencers are busy people, you may need to book an advance appointment.

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9. Build Social Media Campaigns

Offer incentives, prizes and awards. The small give away that you offer on social media pulls huge crowd with it. People like to take challenges. Create contests around most numbers of likes, comments, shares etc. Also, you can create polls around social issues and politics etc or raise a discussion.

10. Allow Access Via Search Engines

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc are seen as best help in solving peoples’ problems. A large pool of people turns to search engines for finding a service or buying a product. Go to you social media settings and allow it to be seen via search engines. The social media signals matter to search engines in ranking your website, business and products.

Branding is essential to stand out in the market and generate leads. Do you know any more tip but not mentioned here. Tip us using comment box below.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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