The 5 most effective SEO tactics of all time

Prince Kapoor 17th Sep 2020

There are over thousands of effective SEO techniques that can be made a part of a tailor-made SEO plan. While you can search the internet and come up with a few strategies of your own, there is a thick chance that these strategies are being used by many and the result is likely to be faulty as well.

In that light, here are some SEO techniques and website optimization services that are pretty fresh and must be used by you to boost your business growth.

Get As Local As Possible:

Local optimization or in other words hyper-local intent targeting is a relatively new SEO tactics in the market.

However, if you have been able to be a part of the local search, then you can see dramatic growth in the search intent opportunities, especially for queries like” near me”, “close by” and such related search.

The following factors drive the increase in hyper-local search:

● The growing popularity of voice search. See the numbers here.
● The popularity of personal assistant or interactive home devices.
● The popularity of mobile-based search.

Increased touchpoints in the journey of a typical user which has started to include more interactive elements.

Increase in the value level of trust and authority on location all within the search.

Now all that explains the popularity of the localized search, but the important question is, how do you incorporate these SEO tactics in your SEO tactics delivery system?

Two of the ways can be:

Reworking On The Existing Page Content:

Reworking on the various blogs, posts on social media and other company pages is a good idea. This works great if you are servicing a local area as it is very easy to feed in, “near you” in these cases.

Update The Ads:

The idea is to get your target audience to click on the searches and your ads. Since mobile searches are the popular most means these days, your ads need to be more effective and be placed under the right intent page.

Solving Problems In The Top Of The Website Hierarchy:

Generally, websites cater to the questions asked by the user in a solo location for instance in the FAQ pages, or they take it outside the primary product, like the landing pages.

However, a greater gain opportunity lies higher up in the website hierarchy.

When you can solve the confusion of the users within the product or the service pages, chances are, you will be successful in landing more people on the converting pages.

Plus, the extra target based content helps these pages to improve their overall ranking

Expand and Not Shrink During Redressing Problems:

There is a tendency among people to shrink important website back link and other authority pages. They, of course, do so to solve some major problems (which we will get to in a bit) but this shrinking away causes major issues.

Let’s get to the problems then:

When experts get notified about a penalty related to a link, they manually remove the backlink. However, that is not enough.

The best thing to do is grow the backlink as a part of your penalty approach and then replace all the artificial values that were previously gathered with the unnatural link.

Interact with others via comments on their blogs to Enhance SEO scores:

Blog commenting can be understood as a relationship that exists between blogs. This is a great way to exchange thoughts, views, ideas, and opinions about a particular blog topic. Plus this tactic helps to attract traffic from the various social media posts.

Though this is an action usually taken by blog viewers, you can get influencers to do that too. But how does it enhance SEO?

For starters, it helps you build a relationship with your viewers and readers. Connecting with the right people can help boost your SEO efforts to a great extent. Blog comments are a way to engage with various business owners and entrepreneurs. If things work out well and you are successful in establishing a relationship with them, then you might be able to ask them to give you a backlink to your work. It is needless to say that backlinking is one of the biggest SEO techniques!!

Blog commenting service is one of the crucial ways to draw people's attention to your blogs. When one comments on a blog post, the comments are made a part of the blog as a whole. So whoever reads the blogs, reads the comment as well.

In that light, the comments must be thought after and well versed. If people like the point of view that you present they will try to reconnect with you!!

Work To Improve The Experience Of The Users:

Though SEO and UX are two separate areas of expertise, they are heavily dependant on one another.

●  The one can make both work in accordance with one another, it will achieve the following:

● It will enhance the click-through rate by targeting the intent of the users.

● it Works on developing the content of the website.

● it's Enhance social sharing and user engagement

●  Make use of the sheer majority of the landing pages on your site.

● Identify the new keywords that can be used in your target area in order to fill the void in your marketing approach.

● Work on website testing means of experimentation and the general improvements so that your site works harder and enhances the user sentiments.

● Get increased page view from landing pages which has high traffic to the sections of the site which are still converting.

Work on the buying cycle of the users and enhance sales, goals, and competition.

Using these 5 SEO tactics techniques you will be able to make a notable difference on your website traffic and thus it's worth trying them out!

Authored By Prince Kapoor

Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.

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