5 Knitting Projects for Beginners

Manas Singh 12th Sep 2020


It does not require an expert skill level in order to produce some cool stuff in knitting. Believe me, all you need are yarns, a pair of needles, and a determined mindset! Of course, you will need all the tools that you can get, which are by the way super helpful, but they can all be regarded as secondary necessities. What will get you through the entire knitting process is persistence!

So, if you have what it takes, prepare yourself to do some useful creations that you can personally add to your wardrobe or give to your loved ones as a wonderful gift. Read on as we walk you through the projects that you can start on. As a bonus, we’ll provide links to websites that explain how to do the patterns. Everything that’s listed below is doable both for beginners and advanced beginners. Let’s go!

Project#1: Star Dust Garter Stitch Scarf


The Star Dust Knitted Garter Stitch Scarf is an easy knitting pattern from Just Be Crafty. It is a simple, chunky scarf that will allow you to practice and work on your yarn overs. You will need this in order to make the holes which are included in the overall design of the scarf. It defines the character of this scarf!

A yarn over is one method of increasing the number of your stitches. Usually, it is partnered with a decrease (e.g. knit two together), in order to maintain the stitch count across the row. It is used to form your knitting into shape or to create a bigger fabric.

Project #2: Bulky Throw Blanket

Bulky Throw is a creation of Hands Occupied. We both know that a blanket can be a bit large for a beginner, but would you believe me when I say you can actually do it? Yes, you can! This blanket features an Afghan pattern and uses an effortless stockinette. Anybody who is willing to dedicate some valuable time to get his or her hands on this project will be able to finish it. Needles and a bulky yarn are what you will mainly need.

Should you need some mechanical help, you might want to use a knitting machine for beginners to create the Bulky Throw for you.

Project #3: Easy Peasy Socks

Who loves a pair of socks? Socks are amazing, knitted socks even, especially for the winter season. Today, various designs of socks are watched out for by many people. They call it fashion!

Easy Peasy Socks are designed by Stacey Trock for all the knitters out there. She says the round, decrease, and pick up stitches is what you will need to work on for this project.  While it may seem daunting, just take heart! You will figure out in the end that it’s not that hard to create your own pair of socks. Watch yourself become addicted to this meaningful hobby of knitting.

Project #4: Vancouver Toque Lined Hat

Ribbing and stockinette stitch are the techniques mostly used for this beanie-style hat. Use a pair of circular needles and you will never go wrong in this project!

Vancouver Toque Lined Hat is made by Kiku Corner. While it used yarn of rich blue color, you can pick your preferred color, of course. After working on the tube, all you need to do is close the top with a final thread as if you are securing your drawstring bag. If you mean to use it for the cold season, you can place a band of polar fleece that will surely provide warmth to the hat.

Project #5: Drop Stitch Kimono

As things get more exciting here, we are dropping the last beginner project in this article--a kimono! Drop Stitch Kimono is a creation of Jessica, from Mama in a Stitch for beginners like you. Speaking of a drop, this amazingly designed kimono highlights the use of a drop or elongated stitches. Let it loose, you won’t need any shaping in this one.

Just knit and form two rectangles, interlace the sides to the back, and voila! A new addition to your closet. Easy, right? Try it as soon as you move on from knitting scarves. Good luck!


Every project may seem intimidating when you are a beginner, but nothing has to be. You are the knitter and you have the power to learn everything as much as you can. So take a chance, there are a lot of free patterns available online for you to use as your guide, take advantage of them! If you want something tangible, you can resort to buying books from your local bookstore or even online. Visual photos and significant illustrations are available along with the step-by-step instructions. Don’t let anything stop you!

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