5 powerful email marketing tips

Abhigyan Singh 04th May 2021

If you have thought that email marketing is not relevant anymore, this could be your first marketing mistake! Don’t get trapped by the numerous myths surrounding email marketing, trying to defame it.

Rather, let the numbers speak for themselves.

Global email users that accounted for 3.9 Bn in 2019, are expected to rise to 4.3 Bn - which is a flat 10% growth in 4 years - accounting for half the world’s population.

With the right marketing strategy, you are in the best position to reach a wider audience, with a high probability of lead conversion.

Isn’t it one of the best reasons to use email marketing?

What’s even more interesting is the ROI that email marketing delivers!

For every $1 spent on email, you have the potential to generate $42 revenue out of it.

Isn’t it enough reasons now to convince you that email marketing is not just alive, but growing at anexponential graph?

What really matters is the perfect strategy for driving the email marketing campaign.

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Let us look at 5 tested tips.

  1. Don’t just write your copy, feel it: Have you hired the best copywriter in the town? Do you think that the copywriter has the sole responsibility to drive the audience to your product?Well, you are partially right, especially when 90% of the emails are used to deliver content! But what makes a perfect ad copy is simply not just words!Your ad copy must invoke a feeling as well. An ad copy that can drive the emotion is 3X more probable in generating a lead.Thus, an ad copy, which is more personalized, and more realistic is always more effective over a formal toned marketing pitch.
  2. Use of infographics: Using the infographics is as important as using a CTA in your Ad Copy!Every day I receive an average of 30 advertising emails in my email.If I go through each one of them.Do you know which one captures my attention?

    Short, Crisp and Info Graphically Informative

    That is exactly how your ad copies should be to capture attention.

  3. Emails with CTAs always deliver better results: CTAs are just the focal point of every email marketing campaign. CTAs not only help your businesses to grow, but they are the touchpoints that make the user click!As per the recent study by Hubspot, CTAs in the email improve the lead conversion rates by 120%.It means, if you were getting 10 leads from the email sent, using the CTA can generate 22 leads.Isn’t it awesome?

    So, CTAs always deliver better results, provided you work on the landing pages properly!

  4. A smooth landing page can generate sales: Now, that the email has had the perfect CTA and generated leads, lead conversion is also important. Using the perfect landing page always means a proper product/service description, using authentic testimonials, and eventually perfect payment gateway options.A landing page that is easy to navigate ensures that users stay on the page for a longer duration. This enables higher conversion chances, thus improved revenue generation scope!
  5. Be uniform and persistent: The last but the most important tip is being consistent. Consistency in terms of the tone of the mail, the message delivered, vision, and the image you wish to convey is vital. It helps in creating a brand and delivering the message of the brand to your users.Being persistent is important while building your brand’s image. It might often be difficult to keep on doing the same thing and generating lesser revenues. But persistence always pays while doing email marketing.Be persistent and never shy away from experimenting with new stuff!

Bottom line:

Email marketing can be the key to growing your business if done with a proper strategy. If you are an e-commerce professional, you might just prefer sending the abandoned cart mail to drive in more buyers!  Email marketing combined with other e-Commerce SEO strategies can be the perfect way to generate most possible revenues!

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

He is a continuous blogger and has blogged on different topic. He loves to surf Internet and always trying to get new Idea about new Technology and Innovations and sharing these great information to all the technology lovers.

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