6 Bad Online Habits Affecting Your Online Safety

Manas Singh 24th Nov 2021

Today, scams, malware, hacks, cyber criminals and more, make the internet feel like a dangerous place. Now, the risks are even more with the proliferation of devices from smartphones to internet-connected appliances. Not forgetting, there is a lot you can access for free today, and the options are many. The good news is taking simple security measures to help reduce exposure to some of these threats. For instance, as you stream free movies and shows online, ensure you use thepirateproxybay.com site for safety purposes, not any random site with similar URLs. In this article are 6 bad online habits to avoid to protect your online safety.

Not locking your computer when you step away

Every time you walk away from your computer, put it on standby or close the lid. It is a healthy habit to add to your routine. Most people have heard this advice a lot of times. However, cyber security advice sounds redundant because only a few people apply it. Yet, doing even the simplest of practices, like locking your computer when you step away, keeps you safe from malicious cyber criminals. They may have a friendly face, such as colleagues, but you cannot rule out anyone.


Cyber attackers love multitaskers, for they are in a hurry to do more and do not pay attention to every detail online. Yet, cybercriminals use creative ways to infect your systems, such as infected banners, rogue websites, and public Wi-Fi networks to get information about everything you do online. Thus, you should reconsider if you are all about getting things done through a multitasking habit. In this way, you make learning how to stay cautious and spot potential threats a skill in the coming years. Although human detection is not enough, you still need the right tools, for you cannot do it manually. And you will have to try various security products until you get what fits your needs.

Not backing up your data

If something happens to your laptop, for instance, what will you do about lost data? Sometimes it is not even a cyber-attack. It can be a spill of water, you forget it, somebody stole it, or you can drop it. Because of this, you need to ensure you have backup and the backup works. Do not regret later not backing up your data when you had a chance. So, consider setting up an automatic backup schedule to keep your important information secure.

Not reading the terms of use

It is a bad online habit not to read the terms of use. No one ever reads the massive block of text when the link pops up. In most cases, people skip it, for they want to install the app, but no one considers the consequences. Think about it, the same way you would not sign a contract in real life blindly, apply the same principle online. Remember, the real world and the online world are not separate, for the consequences of online actions reflect our offline lives. So, read or at least browse through the terms of use, and once you get informed you get protected.

Putting everything online

Always know everything you put or add online is no longer private. Not only what you share on social media, but your emails can become public too. Also, photos you store on your cloud can suffer the same fate, thus why you need multiple backups. Even when your account is private, your social media pages are all public. Most people seem to feel okay publicizing everything. Thus, to protect yourself from cyber-attacks, stay anonymous if you can online. So be careful with what you put online, for you may be making it easier for online criminals to compromise you.

Auto-connecting to Wi-Fi

Everyone loves the idea of keeping the Wi-Fi on even though it is not in use and auto-connecting to it. But, this does not offer the ideal security. If you are not using your Wi-Fi, it is best to turn it off. When it is on, cyber attackers can take advantage and launch attacks. The antivirus cannot detect them, and you cannot stop it. Thus, your security solution is just a tap away, and all you need to do is enforce it.

Authored By Manas Singh

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