6 Tips You Must Try For Your Next Email Campaign

Manas Singh 21st Sep 2020

Email plays a significant role in every company’s digital marketing campaign. It requires a low cost of entry, easy to execute, and is very effective. In addition to this, retention for email marketing is tremendously high, with 78 percent of viewers remembering all or some of the content when they are done.

Not many marketing efforts can produce those kinds of results. The fact is that email marketing is one of the most essential tools you can use to generate new leads, keep customers coming back, and bring in more sales which is why it needs to be a considerable part of your effort.

If your past effort with email campaigns haven’t been successful or you are just getting started, now may be time to consider email marketing best practices. Here are some tips that can guarantee success.

1. Building a mailing list

Purchasing email addresses is not as effective as you may think. The email list you’ll get is more than likely to be of poor quality and having a massive mailing list doesn’t mean you will get more openings and clicks in return. Plus, sending unexpected email to people who don’t subscribe to your newsletter, or perhaps never heard of your company, may condemn your emails into the spam folder.

In its place, build subscriber lists in the right way. Encourage your audience to subscribe by offering things like white paper access or product promotion and look for opportunities to promote your newsletter subscription to your blog, website, and events. To do this, the best practice is to use a double opt-in for better conversions. Actually, the fact that a user visited your website and created an account with his/her email address or gets involves in one of your company’s contests don’t mean he/she wants to receive your emails. So, try to build a list of really motivated and engaged subscribers to receive your emails.

2. Create the email campaign

Now is the time to work on your email campaign. From the content to template and design, everything you need should be in place when developing an email campaign. The content should be in a way that your subscribers can smoothly read through them. Ensure you include the right amount of white space in your email design. The content layout should be well organized and be able to connect with your target audience.

When creating this email campaign, make sure you put the design, timeline, and how often you will be sending the emails into consideration. You also need to work on writing an exceptional subject line for the emails. If you want to design emails in minutes and save so much time, you can try postcards email template builder – you can either download a free resource, signup up for a free trial, or make a purchase.

3. Personalize your emails

Personalize emails get 41 percent higher click-through rates and 29 percent more open. So why not take advantage of all the details you have on your customers and personalize the emails you send to them. Today, email personalization is more than just calling the recipient by their first name. To avoid spam, you can start with efficient email segmentation that will allow you to send the right content, at the right time and to the right recipient.

Try to segment your target audience according to the actions they take, online behaviors, and by identifying their preferences or interest. In addition to email segmentation, you can go with dynamic email. With dynamic email, you can personalize your content for each subscriber based on the information you have about them.

4.  Automate your email campaigns

Companies that automate their email campaigns see conversion rates of 53 percent higher than the companies that do not use it. For some organizations, automatically sent emails such as cart abandonment or welcome emails produce most of their email marketing revenue. Now is the time to start if you don’t use email automation yet.

The type of emails you can automate include post-purchase tracking email, thanking a recipient for subscribing/welcome email, a reminder of upcoming events and sales emails, and those activated by user’s behavior (being away for a long time, abandoned cart, etc.). You can also use email automation to send messages thanking the recipient on the anniversary of their membership. For instance, you can consider sending a special offer to your subscriber who has subscribed to your newsletter for more than a year and has made one or two purchase on your E-commerce.

5. Have a call-to-action

CTA suggests the next step you want your target audience to take after reading the emails, and it comes with the means to take this step – usually button or link. However, try to prioritize one call-to-action per email. Multiple CTAs in a single email risk confusing your subscribers, thereby making them less likely to click any of the link or button altogether.

Besides, use action-oriented words that create scarcity or urgency. Getting your subscriber to act is a matter of creating a sense of scarcity or urgency. It could mean emphasizing “limited number” of a product or “limited time” of a particular sale. Also, try to use a visible button image. Instead of a text link, using a button image with contrasting and bright colors can keep the CTA from getting lost.

6. Testing

One of the most critical aspects of an email campaign is to thoroughly check your emails on multiple devices to see how they look before sending them. Testing emails can be challenging, but they are an important part of the process. If an email doesn’t display properly on a particular browser or device, there could be lots of potential subscribers left frustrated trying to read your message and it could put them off by evident lack of care.

Furthermore, aside from allowing email marketers to view precisely how the emails appear on different devices, testing also will enable you to proofread and check any link. So, ensure that any customization shortcodes aren’t failing, all links works and everything else is the way it should be before sending an email.

Authored By Manas Singh

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