7 reasons why health tech companies are Hitrust certified

Abhigyan Singh 21st Sep 2020

The HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) CSF was created to ensure that health tech companies meet information security standards and regulations set across the industry. They allow healthcare organizations to tailor their own measures and controls to their own specific business sector.

While it’s possible to not be HITRUST verified, it is ill-advised. With the healthcare industry is slowly, but surely, adapting to the modern digital world, it’s vital to keep all the data generated and stored securely. Healthcare businesses use the HITRUST CSF (Common Security Framework) to show their partners and customers that they take information security seriously.

Based on the size of the company, each health tech business will need its own security controls that meet the CSF. The framework is updated on a regular basis so those that use it follow up-to-date and relevant measures.

So, with all this in mind, here are a few reasons why health tech companies are HITRUST certified.

Reduced Cyber-Related Risks

This is the main, overall benefit and why businesses should look at using it if they are not.

Healthtech businesses that are HITRUST certified reduce the risk of suffering a data breach. With better security in place, businesses can keep all patient information secure, including history, advice, and other sensitive information.

This article by Healthcare Weekly shows a quote from Allied World US regarding their use of the HITRUST CSF. They were the first company to consider terms and conditions based on their standards. Here’s what they had to say:

“The HITRUST CSF framework and CSF Assurance methodology, the key components of the HITRUST CSF Assessment program, will enhance its underwriting program in terms of efficiency, consistency, and accuracy, allowing it to better align the effectiveness of an organization’s security controls with cyber insurance premium levels. The review also concluded that organizations that had obtained a HITRUST CSF Certification posed lower cyber-related risks than those organizations that have not. The comprehensiveness and improved risk reporting enabled by the HITRUST CSF and the CSF Assessment summary scores in place of many of the standard information security application questions create a more streamlined application process.”

Thorough Controls

The HITRUST CSF is made up of 14 different control categories. Each control category has 46 control objectives and 149 system controls. The system controls have 3 implementation levels that must be met in order for the organization to meet the necessary regulations.

In total, there are 845 requirements that all companies must meet when creating software to use in the healthcare industry.

With this amount of detail, the HITRUST CSF is one of the most comprehensive and thorough data security standards. The framework even combines regulations set out in four other standards organizations, namely HIPAA, ISO, NIST, and PSI.

Consistent Approach To Assessment

Because the HITRUST CSF is flexible, it enables health tech organizations to be more secure in terms of creating and rolling out new medical technology and software. Since there is only a single assessment required, and with certification and risk acceptance protocols in place, the HITRUST CSF ensures all companies are all audited consistently.

This process is also repeatable. In essence, the HITRUST CSF acts as a roadmap so the whole assessment can run smoothly each and every time. Throughout the assessment, documents are made so organizations that are required to protect their clients’ and patients’ data can benefit.

Furthermore, if a health tech company loses an employee that has been integral to external assessment, it no longer becomes an issue. Businesses can now show their new member the documented process so everyone is on the same page from day one.

Advanced Security

HITRUST certified companies’ security measures are always adapting based on feedback from the users and the overall regulatory environment. The HITRUST CSF is an industry leader in terms of keeping up with the evolution of data and information security. For this reason, the framework is considered one of the best in the world.

Their process involves helped companies to improve their existing structure and deploy security measures to ensure the business can continue to operate without risk of being hacked or suffering a data breach.

Healthtech companies that are HITRUST CSF certified can be sure they are following a risk management framework, as opposed to non-certified companies that go through unreliable security checks.

Reduced Audit Times

According to Tech Sightings, HITRUST certified companies can benefit from reduced audit times:

“HITRUST compliance significantly reduces the time and cost it takes to put almost all requirements from multiple regulations into one place to help identify risk and maturity. This enables you to view and track security and compliance matters from a central location. This ensures you don’t run into any issues when a secondary audit, for example, PCI, is required.”

Competitive Edge

As mentioned at the beginning, it’s not compulsory to be HITRUST certified. However, companies that are HITRUST certified have a competitive edge on those that are not. In the modern world, patients, clients, and all other consumers are much more aware of how their data is used and the risks of not having it protected.

A company that goes off its way to show they want to protect their patients and clients is also far more trustworthy than those that do not. When it comes to data, transparency about security and usage is of utmost importance.

Peace Of Mind

Finally, being HITRUST certified gives health tech companies piece of mind in that they can rest easy knowing that data is secure. This can increase productivity and reduce the stress that a lot of other businesses and industries may be suffering.

There is also more time for development. Developers can focus on creating the actual software, rather than worrying about if they are meeting X, Y, and Z.


These are 7 reasons why health tech companies are HITRUST verified. It provides them with a consistent framework to follow that is frequently updated to modern standards and keeps all patient and client data secure. Without it, companies could lose out on potential clients as consumers don’t always believe what they are told about their data being used.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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