8 Best Landing Page Builder Softwares

Manas Singh 22nd Sep 2020

Landing pages are today's must-have if we’re talking about online sales. It is the first thing a user meets with when visiting your page. Not to mention that one of the key things in online marketing is making sales (conversions). Often we are clogged in notifications, calls, e-mails and other distractions which prevents us just in time to click that “checkout” button while purchasing a product or service. Regardless of the business, you are planning to start an effective landing page is a must.

If you have any indecisions in choosing the right landing page software for your new business, hopefully this article will help you clarify important aspects and differences between certain options. Let’s dive right into it.


Why choose Leadpages? Well, the starting point is its price of 25$ for an unlimited amount of visitors. Including over 160 templates, unlimited Lead ads and an unlimited amount of pop up ads for maximum audience retention.

Easy integration with Facebook is also a great plus for all new customers that choose this option.

By using its Facebook Ad Builder tool you may directly create ads that reflect your existing landing page.


Wix is one of the most popular tools out there, and for a reason. Free service, outstanding page designs, responsive customer support and easy integration with social media platforms makes Wix a top of the line Landing Page builder.


For a price of 29$ per month, Landigi is offering an enormous selection of templates and limitless options of A/B testing. Let's not forget embedded CRM tool and a form submission manager for all your customer inputs.


This software starts for a price of 25$ per month for 5,000 monthly views.

A number of templates are not so vast as in previous software but their elegance is not to be overlooked.

ITs visual editor is simple and comes with already predefined templates for certain industries such as portfolios, shops, webinars...

Integration is also not a problem as Lander manages to merge with any relatable service with ease.


GetResponse is more of a mobile-oriented software which lets you create high conversion landing pages. It comes with several packages for every user's pocket.

A/B testing, integration with various platforms and other benefits are there to remind us to take this player into play when choosing our next Landing Page Software Builder.


If you're looking for an affordable landing page. Look no further. This software comes with a price of just 19.99$ per month and it offers you much more than it may seem.

SEO management, A/B Testing, easy design, automation, push notifications all in one package for starting a successful landing page that will convert with high success rate.

The only downside of this service is it’s not so user-friendly navigation, but after users get familiar with it, it no longer poses a challenge.


Bitrix24 might possible me the only Page Builder to contain free form creator, CRM, marketing tools and other things.

Also by going with Bitrix24, you may enjoy full responsive design. A thing to note is that this tool is used by a couple of millions of companies around the globe. Cloud options are also included.


Price of 99$ may seem a significant amount for such software. But after you look at the benefit of 200,000 unique visitors it may not seem that much.

Being packed with the astonishing library of templates, user-friendly interface, various collaboration tools and not to mention excellent customer care it is one of the top of the mind choices when building a perfect landing page that will lead to conversions.


Choosing a Landing Page Builder software based on your business goals will greatly impact how you deliver your marketing goals. There is a various number of options you can experiment with. Best way to ensure that your Landing Page is in its highest operating mode is to always be A/B split testing and trying out new features, colors, and patterns that will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

Authored By Manas Singh

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