9 Surprising Tips for Newbie Mobile App Developers

Ashni Sharma 08th Oct 2015

If you are not completely cut off from the world of technology, you must be aware of the fact that apps have made it really big. As a matter of fact, many e-commerce companies across the world have shut their websites and become app-only. This clearly shows the widespread popularity of the mobile apps. It is quite natural for the novice developers to join the bandwagon and become app developers for different mobile platforms like Android and iOS. When you start off as an android app developer, you need to master programming languages, coding skills, and should have the acumen of solving the problems.

Those, who wish to become mobile app developer, can choose from a diverse range of technologies. To become a native app developer, you will be required to be the master of either Android and Java for Android development or Objective C for iOS development. Apart from these skills, knowledge of different SDKs, APIs, Frameworks, and IDEs will also be required. Knowledge of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript is required if you wish to become an HTML5 app developer.

If you have already acquired the required knowledge and skills, these tips will help you further with other on the ground aspects of app development.

Understand your prospective users

An app has to revolve around the users' preferences whether it is about the UI or the functionalities. Hence, the developers must first identify their users and then design the different sections of the app to match the users’ preferences.

Assess the competition

Conduct a market research to assess your app’s market share. It implies that if you are making a hotel booking app, you need to know about the similar apps and their market share. This would help you ascertain the competition you will face and also determine the viability of the app.

Make the right business plan

The revenue model of the app is one of the aspects that must be decided early on. Whether you will offer your app as a free app, a freemium app, free-trial app or a premium app should be clear from the beginning.

Market your app to the top

Owing to an intensive competition in the mobile app industry, the importance of marketing your app has grown manifold. From naming the app to its logo, each step has to be taken keeping in mind the service it provides and the users it caters.

Keep your app in sync with the intended platform

When you are making a native app which is platform specific, you must stick to the requirements and guidelines laid down by the particular mobile operating system. The design layout, special features of the OS must be followed so that the app gels with the platform well and does not appear at odds with them.

Always test your app before you launch it

This is one of the most common mistakes that result out of ignorance and at times, over confidence. Testing the mobile app before launching it mitigates the risk of app crash on different devices and other errors that can wreak havoc.

Use analytics

Integrate analytics tools in your app so that you are able to track your users' preferences and shopping patterns. It will make it easier to offer personalized user experience on the app as well as in the marketing campaigns.

Do not forget the support

Publishing the app on the app stores after you develop it does not put an end to your responsibilities. A user may require support for the app if he or she faces an issue and you must be prepared and equipped to resolve all such queries.

Closing Thoughts

For newbies in mobile app development, these basic tips are very crucial and will help them stick to the requirements of the users leading to better apps. These are not the only aspects that they need to care about but are the basic ones where most rookies falter. Utilizing these tips will equip them with insights that will deter them from making the common mistakes that ruin an app's prospects.

Authored By Ashni Sharma

Ashni Sharma, the writer of this blog, is a senior app developer working at AppsChopper - a renowned app development company based in India. Ashni has a flair for writing on different technological and design aspects of mobile apps. When not coding some pathbreaking apps, she is busy giving crucial insights and information through her blogs.

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