9 trends for startup marketing

Manas Singh 09th Jul 2020

Who is cooler: an ultra-modern startup or a corporation with a diamond level of consumer loyalty?

Both the first and the second have every chance to be a market leader with proper marketing. Not a simulated strategy "We are the best. We have experience", but natural, transparent marketing, built on a sincere desire to help our customers.

Below are the trends within which startup marketing will develop. Follow them and get ahead of your competitors.

Customer Orientation

In everything, whatever you do, you must continue to focus on the buyer. The buyer is the center of the universe of sales. It is around him that the entire marketing strategy should unfold. If you do not realize what the buyer wants, then there is no point in making any forecasts.

Startups should make twice as much effort to satisfy the needs of the client, help him reach new heights at work. Including does not interfere with connecting customers to formulate a strategy, in the end, to produce an essential product.

Composition Of The Product Strategy

Many startups have a very vague idea of ​​what a product strategy is. For the majority, it simply does not exist in any form. Considering how many new ideas enter the market every day, you need to work on what and how your product will differ from others. Undoubtedly, in the foreseeable future, it is precisely a well-developed product development strategy that will become your advantage.

Transparency and Openness

Absolute openness is unattainable for large corporations. Therefore, this trend may become a trump card in the hands of a startup. Consumers are becoming more and more interested in backstage business, so open the door in front of them and invite them to enter your “kitchen.”

Transparency is already the norm for successful companies.

Social Networks

Contact with consumers through social networks is becoming an integral part of development strategies. Thanks to this means of communication, it becomes possible to fully convey product information and get a quick and explicit response to the actions taken. Besides, social networks provide a place for advertising, which, I must say, works quite effectively (if this is not a stupid blinking banner). For a startup, this is an excellent way to attract a large audience and make visitors your customers quickly.

Distribution Of Content

The more attention startups pay to inbound marketing or content marketing as one of the main techniques, the more actively new means of content distribution develop. Most newcomers think that since they just created the content, the user will familiarize themselves with it. No, actually. What you wrote needs to be actively promoted. This can be quickly done by yourself.

Adaptation Under Consumers

One of the best ways to attract new customers is to make individual offers. For example, developers provide a new user with programs for the trial period so that the client personally tests the thing that interests him. Soon, "fitting" the product to a specific consumer will become commonplace for companies.


To think that the brand is a lot of large corporations is the mistake of beginning entrepreneurs. Allegedly, considerable funding will be required for brand development, which is more profitable to redirect to other needs. The birth of a brand is nothing more than the result of an established concept. Just make your story unique and tell about it in your own words.

Information Support

Many startups neglect to refine the data, which is very harmful to assessing the real situation on the market and the causes of failures. Information support for further actions is the basis for the work of the analyst. And the information comes from both quantitative research and qualitative research (including interviews, focus groups, etc.). All of this will help in the process of making further decisions.

Marketing Tools

Applications make it easy to find new customers, help streamline the entire advertising campaign, and generally establish daily work. Therefore, for startups, an undeniable benefit at an early stage will be an investment in such helper programs.

To stay competitive, you need to do something for this. Keep up, at least. The best way to keep up with technology is to constantly learn and read any inbound marketing book. This should be the first rule of a good startup or marketer.

Authored By Manas Singh

He is a continuous blogger and has blogged on different topic. He loves to surf Internet and always trying to get new Idea about new Technology and Innovations and sharing these great information to all the technology lovers.

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