There are many websites in which you have seen google map in a contact page to show company location. If any organization has website then it is mostly seen that you will find a google map on company or organization website. Today we are going to tell you how you can add this functionalities on website with in 5 minutes. It helps to know about company or organization location or where it is located. By the help of google map you can easily find distance or location of organization. Follow these steps to add this functionalities as follows:
1. Go to . You will find search box on right top type your desired location.

2. After typing your location you will see on map all places near by your typed location. Click on particular place to find latitude and longtitude which we will use later.

3. After getting latitude and longtitude, create file index.html with following code . Here you have to replace your laitude and longtitude as shown below:

4. Run index.html file will have the following screen accroding to your set latitude and longtitude as shown below: