Are single and double carrom the same? Check the carrom doubles rules

Manas Singh 24th Nov 2021

Do you know the difference between single carrom and double carrom? Do you want to know about carrom double rules? Here we will tell you all about what is single carrom and double carrom and their major differences. Carrom is an indoor game widely played in India.

It is one of the most favorite pastimes of both kids and adults. But now, this indoor game has also advanced. From being played on boards to being played on mobile phones. Now, you can play carrom anywhere and anytime with other players. You can play online carrom on Getmega, compete with real players and earn real money.

There are many aspects to carrom. But here we will be concentrating on single and double carrom and will be telling you about the carrom double rules. So, let's begin with knowing what single and double carrom are and are the same?

Is single carton and double carrom the same?

Carrom is normally played either in singles or doubles. Normally, when people play there are no restrictions and three and four players can also play the game against each other. However, either singles or doubles are preferred. Here, we will tell you in detail about both types of carrom.

Single carrom

Single carrom is a game of two players, who play individually. Here the two players sit opposite each other. They compete against each other and many times in casual gatherings this game has players up to three or four as well. They occupy all the sides and play against each other. There are no specifically assigned pieces of coin in singles and players are free to strike any coin. You can learn more about single carrom and its rule on GetMega.

Double carrom

Among so many board games, carrom belongs to the group of those few games where double playing is allowed. Like single carrom, double carrom is the game where two people form a team and pair up against another. There are 4 players, 2 on each team.

Though the name is different but double carrom in its play is very similar to the single carrom, only a pinch of difference between them makes it a whole new game. Refer to the blogs on GetMega’s official website to know the difference between singles and carrom double rules and gameplay in detail.


In double carrom, there are four players, two in each team. The two players in one team sit opposite each other and the other two players of the other team sit opposite to each other. This means that rival players sit adjacent to each other. All four sides of the board are occupied. In this same color, pieces of coins are assigned to partners.

Carrom double rules

The carrom double rules are very simple and easy to understand. There are no complexities. We will here tell you the rules for double carrom.

General rules

  • The partners are not allowed to communicate in any manner. If found doing so, it is considered a foul.
  • The partners get alternate turns and in a counter-clockwise manner.


  • The team which wins the toss will get the chance to choose either the side or to strike. The losing team sits first if the winning team decides to choose aside.


  • The first shot of the round in the game of carrom is known as breaking. In this, the circle in the middle of the board has to be broken with the first shot by the first player with the striker.
    • White is assigned to the one who chooses to break the first round.
    • Here, the person sitting on the right side of the player who is breaking strikes next.
    • The turn passes in an anti-clockwise direction.


  • In this game, the due coin is placed by the player on the right of the player who had the strike.
  • The due coin cannot be taken out for a partner. The partner must ask the umpire to provide coins for placing if the partner lacks the required coins in the pockets of the adjoining side.
  • In case, there is no sufficient space for the placement of a double coin and the eligibility to place the coin has passed to the partner, in this case, the partner can take the due coin and place it.


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