Benefits of Being a Freelancer

Abhigyan Singh 21st Sep 2020

When you think going freelance the first feelings are usually going through common fears which every freelancer goes through. However, the single best reason why people consider freelancing is the flexibility that comes with it. Freelancing is about being able to make choices that will suit your needs and strengths. This means that one doesn’t need to be under stress trying to conform to the company work schedule or company culture. Freelancing includes a variety of careers such as becoming Paper Writing Pros, which makes it attractive compared to a traditional job. Before making a final decision, it is important to understand the benefits of being a freelancer.

Flexible work schedule

If you have worked an eight-hour job, you understand that even with complete tasks you have to stick around until it’s time to leave the office. Or you risk having more work added to you at no extra pay. A freelancer has the freedom to work around their schedules. They plan their day and schedule to take care of other businesses throughout the day. For the few hours scheduled for working, one is productive.

Sleep is very important to the overall health and productivity as you work. It is important to set regular breaks and enough time to sleep. Keep your energy levels up and sustain your concentration.

Flexible earnings

If you are efficient in your work you have the ability to earn more through working. With freelancing, you set a target of your earnings and achieve them. If you have hourly contracts adjust rates accordingly so that you are not paid less for more. Your earnings are controlled by your personal productivity.

Flexibility to choose projects

When you apply for a job in a company you have no option of changing lanes when you start working. Freelancers have a choice to pick more than one project or client at the same time. Pick jobs that are relevant and ditch the ones that drain you. Focus on what you really love doing.

Set your own terms

Can you imagine having the powers to fire and hire a client? If you find a difficult client you can fire them or if the client is shifty you can fire them. If the job is not what the client had implied at the beginning you get to say a firm no without feeling obliged. Set rules when the client demands the job before time. Outline your timelines and work demands so that you are not squeezed in an existing schedule.

A Flexible lifestyle

Freelancing is the best job because you have time to attend to family issues. With freelancing, you can afford freedom to even learn new skills and new things. You are less stressed because all you need is to reschedule your time while you work but get to fulfill spending time with your family. You can pursue other profitable or productive side projects.

You stay healthy

Freelancers mostly work from home, which keeps them from contracting flu now and then. Offices are changing from cubicle set to open plan to encourage collaboration and communication. These efforts are great but it has been discovered through studies that open workspaces have the highest rate of absenteeism due to sick days off.

As much as being your own boss is enticing you need to understand what it takes to become a freelancer. Consider the time it takes before you finally break even and the hard work put in. Like any other job, freelancing has its pros and cons which need careful consideration before finally making your move. You have to deal with unsteady workloads, the challenge of distinguishing between personal time and time to work. These are just some of the few cons you have to deal with.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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