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Abhigyan Singh 22nd Feb 2022

With the covid wave still going, many students’ academics have been shifted online. Here are several tools that will help you improve your online courses, whether to boost your learning materials or to promote interaction in the classroom!

The various learning applications are indeed extremely useful for delivering a captivating lesson, even when you (teacher or trainer) are not present with your students.

Thanks to a simple application, you can for example create infographics, explain a mathematical problem by drawing on your tablet or insert activities within a presentation.

Discover our selection of 5 tools, to adopt without delay to boost your virtual teaching.

Note that some of these applications for education are accessible on a computer, others on a portable device or both. One thing in common, however: all of them are intuitive, easy to use, and free — or at an affordable price!


Canva is a handy app for learning. It includes many ready-to-use templates, useful for developing lesson presentations, infographics, or exercises, with examples for certain subjects, for example (mathematics, English, etc.).

So you can create more engaging learning content for your students with just a few clicks. Colors, logos, images, GIFs, voiceovers, or graphics: the customization possibilities are immense.

This application is available on computers, tablets, and smartphones. We appreciate its compatibility with other tools and software for learning, such as Google Classroom for example.

Canva has a free version for teachers, which allows them to access premium content and create a team. Students do not need an account.

Explain Everything

This app lives up to its name! From a whiteboard, a model, or a file, for example, the slides of a presentation, you can give a learning course by simply explaining what you do.

For this, use writing, drawings, or a zoom, but above all, the laser pointer!

Just record everything you do, with your voice if you want, and export the result to video. If you make a mistake, Explain Everything gives you the option to remove that part with just one click.

With this application for learning, it's like standing in front of a board to demonstrate a problem or do an exercise, but much clearer and more complete!

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Nearpod is a free tool that allows teachers to provide fun learning to students while assessing them.

It stands out for its many options of captivating content and activities that promote interaction. Create a lesson from scratch or use your course slides. Take advantage of the library of resources at your disposal.

The "content" tab allows you to be creative to capture the attention of students: video, simulation, virtual trip, 3D, etc. The "activities" tab makes the students work more attractively and also evaluates them: collaborative board, questionnaire, open question, survey, drawing, etc.

This application is always useful, remotely or face-to-face! students do not need to create an account, and it is possible to share the course on Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or simply by sending a link.

As a teacher, you can create an account to get Nearpod for free on your computer or tablet.


Wooclap is an interactive platform that gives teachers the means to engage students in a fun way and measure their level of understanding of a subject. You can use it as an app for your learning or in the classroom, or why not integrate it into your blended learning routine!

The teacher asks one or more questions, which he chooses from 20 different formats — MCQ, open question, poll, ranking, etc. To answer it, students will have to scan a QR code or click on a URL, on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The results will be displayed (anonymous or not) and the teacher will have access to a detailed report, to be downloaded to Excel.

It is the ideal application to test students originally. Remotely, you can even ask your questions in real-time, by sharing your screen during a videoconference.

Wooclap is free for primary and secondary school teachers, and there are licenses for higher education.


Lio is an excellent app for teachers. You can easily store all your student’s information, assignment deadlines, attendance, college assignment planner and many more.

Moreover, Lio ensures that your data is stored securely in a cloud so you do not have to worry about all this data taking up space on your device. You will be able to access your data anywhere through email or phone number. You can also share data with your colleagues as required.

Lio has 60+ templates available, many of which cater to the needs of teachers. 

Lio is available for download on Android, IOS, and web login.

In conclusion, all these learning applications can be useful to you, but there are many others! It's up to you to find the ones that meet your needs as a teacher.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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