6 Of the Best CDN Services To Boost Your Website Performance

Edward Jones 15th Oct 2020

Content Delivery Network – An Overview

CDN is a service that helps keep a copy of your website content in servers located across the world. And so, whenever users requests for your site content they will deliver with the content from the server closest to their location.

For instance, if your website is hosted on a server located in Melbourne and if some users want to access your website content from Brisbane they will be able to do it without any hassles. That's because the servers are located at nearby locations. However, in case users from a remote location, let's say, India accesses your site they'll be able to access the content but with a delay.

This is because your server takes a substantial amount of time in delivering the data to the person accessing data from India. As a result, your site will load slowly compared to the person’s browser located in the UK. But with a CDN, you can accelerate your site – whether there it get accessed by some visitor in a nearby location or a remote location of your server.

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Types of CDNs


Cloudflare CDN Hosting is an ideal choice for people searching for a free CDN service that helps improves the availability of web content to users with greater speed. There is a plugin available on the web using which you can integrate this CDN into your WordPress website. Just install the plugin and sign up for the Cloudflare account.

Jetpack – Photon

Photon isn't a CDN but provides an image acceleration service for WordPress sites with the help of Jetpack plugin. In a nutshell, Photon acts as a great tool that enables us to accelerate images and edit them, which can be used by self-hosted websites on WordPress.com or on sites using the Jetpack plugin. In order to integrate this CDN service in your WP powered site, you'll need to install Jetpack plugin and activate Photon from your site's admin panel.


CacheFly guarantees to deliver your website content promises at up to 10 times faster compared to other CDNs. In fact, the company offering this CDN service vouches for 100% network availability or promises to return your money back, which makes it a worthy option to consider. It is being used by some of the niche brands like Microsoft, Bank of America and Adobe to name a few. It's available for a 30-day trial and its basic plan starts at $99 a month.


This CDN improves website performance using techniques like dynamic caching, content optimization, and others. Incapsula comes with a monitoring dashboard that helps to evaluate the caching effect on your site's performance. This CDN service helps keep a website secure from all types of DDoS attacks. You can avail of its free trial or sign up for its basic plan which starts at $19 per month.

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Amazon CloudFront

This is a cloud-based CDN service offered by Amazon. It can be integrated with Amazon web services, and thus facilitates developers as well as businesses an easy way to deliver the content to their users. It helps detect the device from which users are accessing your website content. Amazon CloudFront is free to use, but you can choose a premium plan to have more features in your site.


Last on our list is CoralCDN, a free service that works on the basis of a peer-to-peer content distribution network. It comprises of a wider network of nameservers and web proxies. In order to make this CDN work for your WordPress site, you just need to install a plugin available online.

Summing Up!

CDN’s can help boost your site performance, and all the above CDN services are worthy options you can consider. However, it is recommended that you should opt for Cloudflare, as it offers greater speed and security. And your next choice could be encapsulated which is almost similar to Cloudflare in terms of performance. You can choose any other CDN keeping in mind your website needs.

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