In this tutorial we will learn about implementation of Bootstrap DataTable. As we know Bootstrap is a very popular open source project that provides us much option in web development. Bootstrap is just a CSS based framework that can easily be integrated with minimum customization. In web development, we required to populate data in structured table manner that can easily be search, sort. So Bootstrap datatable provide such type of features.

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Bootstrap DataTable is just like a table that can easily integrated with Bootstarp using Bootstrap table styling option. Here Data are presented in table format.  In this tutorial we use PHP server side script to get data from Mysql table and data will be populated by JSON in table.

This Bootstrap DataTable enables features like:

  • Pagination (With Previous, Next option and showing total count)
  • Searching (All Column wise Searching)
  • Sorting (All Column wise Sorting)


To implement Bootstrap, we need Bootstrap JS and CSS.

To use Bootstrap DataTable, we need additional Js

Now we need to create a Mysql Table from which data will be populated.


This is file where datatable will be displayed.

The jquery Code:

Now Server side Scripting Code start here.

This tutorial is based on Bootstrap Datatable example