Why Brands Should Have A Vector Logo Design?

Abhigyan Singh 10th Sep 2020

Making your brand logo visible to the market is a challenging endeavor. You'll need to start at the very basic step to move forward. How? Consider first your brand logo. Have A Vector Logo Design?

Having a brand image can easily capture the attention of the customers. In the modern business today, a logo is now being created through digital tools such as Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape, and more. As time progresses, the idea and concept behind the brand logo become digitized and technical. Most graphic and web designers are now using vector images for brand identity, marketing, and promotions.

Vector logo design is a vital investment in exposing your brand and make it identifiable to the customers. How does this concept differ from raster-based images? Here are some key points to read:

1. Features High Resolution and Scalability of the Image

A brand logo is a succinct way to define the business using visual representation and promote the brand. To achieve a high resolution and scalable logo, most graphic artists used digital applications to produce a design.

Vector images are programmed with geometric primitives, mathematical codes, and formula to come up with a high-resolution print. These formats can support most of the primitive data types and complex objects from lines, curves, ellipsis, color gradients to computer-aided designs. Some of the popular vector designing tools are Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

On the other hand, the raster images constitute multiple pixels in their data structure. Furthermore, the raster logo uses Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and other designing tools.

In contrast with the raster images, the vector designs can be tweaked into different sizes, angles, and scalability without distorting the quality. Whereas in a raster file, you can see the blurred and jagged pixels once you zoom in and resize the image.

2. You can Modify the Logo Easily and Quickly

Using digital applications, it makes the rework easy and quick. You'll just need to reopen the design file via Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape, etc. There are several digital graphic tools that you can use for modifying your raster or vector art design. For instance, if you want to add texts, change the color, or put some shapes, you can easily edit the design via digital apps.

Logo files should be editable as well so that it would be easier to change the image. There are instances wherein some clients prefer a different color or text. By making the image adjustable, you can able to alter the format in just a snap. Although both raster and vector logos are editable, the latter is still better than the other. Vector-based images can be altered in any option due to their scalability features.

Vector graphics can be rotated, compressed, skewed, rotated, translated, mirrored, or stretched. Their data structure allows the file to be converted or altered in any file extensions. For example, a vector-related file can be transformed into a raster-based file and other formatting options.

3. Contains Vast Export Options and File Formats

Vector designs can be extracted in various file extensions such as SVG, pdf, ai, or eps. In this way, it makes the work convenient and accessible in any device. SVG formats are also compatible with WordPress due to their seamless and responsive features. In short, the vector graphics are technically compatible with CSS programming languages.

However, some companies aren't still using vector-based software thus, you still need to save the file as a raster image format. Moreover, the raster-based files can be saved as jpg, png, BMP, gif, tiff, and more. Having several options can help you save files via compatible formats. In this way, you can able to open the file across any devices or view it in any browser.

4. Promotes the Brand with Effective Marketing Visual

By merely looking at the brand logo, you can easily tell the business and what's it all about. It creates a distinguishing mark and makes it easier to remember. In using vector-related images, your brand logo becomes more professionally looking, neat, presentable, and high quality. Some of these images are 2-D to 3-D animation, vibrant in color, and contains crystal-clear display. Generally, these features are some of the reasons why most designers are applying the vector-based approach to creating images.

Whether you resize the logo too large or small, it does not create any issues. Also, it makes the viewing experience great because the image loads fast and functions well in any devices or browsers. Aside from the logo itself, you may also use the vector images for your ads, infographics, flowcharts, meeting presentations, corporate magazines, and more.

5. Occupies Minimal Disk Space and Saves Up Bandwidth

Raster images contain a bitmap data structure in which there are multiple rectangular grids of pixels for every picture. These images are usually for traditional printing and webpage use. However, a raster-related display may consume a larger disk space depending on its pixels. That's the reason why most designers and graphic artists nowadays are relying on vector images. Also, raster-based files consume heavy bandwidth especially when you upload, download, or view the image via the internet.

Although a vector design has a high-resolution image, it only consumes minimal disk space and saves up internet bandwidth. It has a lightweight data structure since it is only composed of mathematical codes and formulas to display the image. With this feature, it helps in solving performance issues and promotes the fast-rendering display of the images.

Improve your Business Logo through Vector Graphics

Creating a business logo using vector graphics, makes your image stands out and shows off your logo at its best quality. By using these images for your business, it makes your products and services look more attractive. With the professional digital design and print, it effortlessly makes your brand visible to the market.

As suggested above, find graphics that contain scalable features, convertible and editable easily, consumes minimal disk space, and includes vast export options. Consider the vector-based images and take advantage of their amazing features.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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