How to Build an Online E-Commerce Store

Abhigyan Singh 10th Sep 2020

online e-commerce store

The online store is a great building at a way to make some money. If you do it right, you could eventually see passive income. This is a great option if you’re in school and need some extra cash. But getting started can be tricky. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge or time to create an online e-commerce store. By following a few simple steps, you can soon have your own online e-commerce store.

Choose an E-Commerce Platform

An online e-commerce platform is a software that allows you to create your site. You don’t need to know much about technology or coding to use this kind of software. All you need is a business idea and an internet connection. You’ll first need to choose a good online builder. With so many platforms out there, you’ll want to do your research on each one.

Some platforms are cheap while others are more expensive. A few online store builders are more reliable than others, so you might want to invest in a better one. If you’re a student, you may not have a lot of extra money to pay for the right platform. Taking out student loans can help you pay for your school expenses and free up your cash for a high-quality store builder. Student loans often have lower fees than standard loans. Many student loans have fixed interest rates, so you’ll be paying a lower rate than if you were to take out a personal loan for living expenses.

Picking a Template

Next, you will pick the template for your platform. Consider the features you want your store to have, as well as how you want your customers to browse your store. Each template will have a different style of homepage, and this is the first thing your customers will see. Most templates let you customize them so you can make it fit with your brand. This includes:

  • Position of products
  • Images
  • Features
  • Text size
  • Colors
  • Font
  • Social media embedding

Adding Products

With an online e-commerce platform, you have control over how you add products. You’ll need to come up with a great name for each product. If you are adding different types of products to your page, you should sort them into categories. Then you can add the price for each one. If you’re selling physical products, it’s a good idea to add weight. For a downloadable product such as an eBook or pattern, don’t forget to upload the file.

Creating Descriptions

A winning description of your product can be the difference when it comes to making a sale. Try to avoid clichés, complex information, and long sentences. Optimizing the description for SEO will help your store rank on search engines. The higher your site ranks, the more potential customers you’ll have. Do your research on keywords that relate to your products.

Testing and Publishing Your Store

Many e-commerce platforms let you preview and test before it goes live. This will help you make sure that you’re meeting your customers’ needs. You’ll want to test the checkout method, the functions, and the content. Because so many people browse the web on their phones, you’ll also need to make sure your site is responsive on mobile devices.

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