A Complete guide to Track Individual Logged in Users Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking your website's progress. It contains a lot of features that are quite powerful and these properties can give some useful insights. Moreover, by using the User ID feature, you can easily get detailed analysis and report of your website's audience. Ultimately, this[...]

16th Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
How to resolve long http request timeout

We stuck in some situation where we encounter with the HTTP request timeout problem. This kind of HTTP request timing out may happen due to very heavy and complex manipulation of code and queries or have receive high traffic, poorly coded script or have some host issue. This long HTTP[...]

19th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
Writing an academic paper: The guide

  How to write an academic paper? Can I ask an expert to write my paper for me? Are there many obstacles in writing an academic paper? These are some classic questions. They imply that writing an academic paper is quite complicated. But don't worry because we will share some[...]

10th Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
College is not meant for everyone

The new century has brought us new dilemmas that need to be solved as soon as possible. And some of them are related to education, because it has become one of the biggest and the most important things among all the others. And as we can see some people don’t[...]

20th Oct 2018 Abhigyan Singh 0
How to load multiple databases in Codeigniter framework

In some situation, we need to load or connect multiple databases in our application to perform various database operations. Here we will show to connect two databases in codeigniter framework. Codeigniter framework provides very simple configuration to load multiple database. The step-by-step instruction is given below to load multiple databases[...]

13th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
How to create and run Cron job in PHP

Cron jobs are useful when you want to execute some code to be executed on specified time or date like once in seven day or once in a day. Sometimes you will need to run Cron job to do particular task like send mails to registered users on each Sunday.[...]

01st Oct 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
How to Integrate MailChimp and WordPress: Some useful Tips!

For most of the business owners, the perfect combination of MailChimp and Word Press is a dream come true. Although, there are innumerable email delivery portals or platforms to select from, but over 5 milion users are dependent upon MailChimp for the best email service. If you are using Word[...]

24th May 2016 Lesa Cote 0
How to integrate EBS payment gateway in PHP

Here we will show to Integrate EBS payment gateway in PHP. As php is widely used for web development or in ecommerce site. EBS stands for E-Billing Solutions.  EBS provides secure payment gateway for online payment processing via credit card, debit cards and Net banking. It’s open source system that[...]

12th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
How to Optimize WordPress Site and Turn it to Mobile Ready

According to recent study, it has been figured out that 80% people browse the websites via mobile devices. It defines that a million of mobile users use smartphone, tablets, iPhone, other advanced mobile devices to surf over the web. So, how could we forget to target them as we know[...]

22nd Oct 2015 David Meyer 0
Use Google AdSense Ads Responsive Banner in Responsive Website

Now as we know that number of mobile device increasing rapidly so the use of internet moves on mobile device and so we are moving our website in Responsive layout which is compatible with all mobile devices as well as desktop. So when we move our website in responsive design[...]

12th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0