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Top 5 Design Patterns Used In PHP Applications

Do you know, PHP is used by 78.9% of websites with a server-side language! Many organizations are keen on hiring PHP developers who can help them build some great applications. When almost 8/10 websites you visit are using PHP in some way or another, it is a great idea to[...]

19th May 2021 Abhigyan Singh 0
Is your tech busy mining crypto without your knowledge?

In 2020, there’s a lot of online traffic in the name of daily life across the globe. Each day, a few billion people connect to the internet to search for information, post and interact on social media, tech, or otherwise surf for work purposes. The average office firewall is fairly[...]

11th May 2021 Abhigyan Singh 0
6 Tips for DIY troubleshooting computer issues

Tech failures are more maddening, debilitating, and exasperating than losing car keys or stubbing a toe. It’s an unfortunate reality that technical glitches tend to simply morph into new ones, but are never truly eliminate troubleshooting computer That isn’t to say personal and business computing hasn’t massively evolved since the internet[...]

10th Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
5 Knitting Projects for Beginners

knitting It does not require an expert skill level in order to produce some cool stuff in knitting. Believe me, all you need are yarns, a pair of needles, and a determined mindset! Of course, you will need all the tools that you can get, which are by the way[...]

12th Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
Read this if you want to boost your Instagram account

Instagram is at its epitome today. It is reaching new heights daily. Earlier it was just like any other portal for posting photos and videos of friends and family. But, the amount of success it has gained over time has invited marketers to craft a strategy exclusively for Instagram. You[...]

30th Jan 2021 Abhigyan Singh 0
Understanding E-Book Piracy

To see a book being published is of great joy to any author. E-books are viewed as more prestigious than articles and blog posts,and hence it is a useful tool to prove yourself as a specialist in your domain. To get people to read your e-book, you can either adopt[...]

21st Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
Benefits of Being a Freelancer

When you think going freelance the first feelings are usually going through common fears which every freelancer goes through. However, the single best reason why people consider freelancing is the flexibility that comes with it. Freelancing is about being able to make choices that will suit your needs and strengths.[...]

05th Aug 2021 Abhigyan Singh 0
Do you know the requirements for correctly optimizing a website

  The world of the internet is fast expanding. More individuals use the internet for a diverse range of reasons.  The Thousands of tasks are easily conducted with the aid of the internet. The internet has, therefore, become a vibrant platform where a considerable number of users and service providers[...]

22nd Sep 2020 Trudy Seeger 0
11 Easy Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Virus Free

Whether your smartphone of choice is an Android or an iPhone, it’s a big investment, not to mention your lifeline to pretty much everything important - all your contacts, your online banking and shopping, how you keep up with friends and family, checking in with your job when you’re not[...]

20th Oct 2018 Abhigyan Singh 0
The Ultimate Guide to Boost WordPress Site Speed & Performance in 2020

WordPress is an amazing and most useful CMS platform for creating website, but it can also be quite slow if not optimized or setup speed and performance correctly. How to speed up or boost WordPress website? This is hot topics about WordPress website. Fortunately, there are some techniques that you[...]

15th Oct 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0