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Working with Cookies in PHP

In this tutorial you will learn what is a PHP cookie? And what’s the use of cookies in PHP. Cookie is one of the most important feature used while you are creating any website. As you might be aware http is a stateless protocol, it cannot remember information between pages.[...]

21st Sep 2016 Manas Singh 0
File Uploading & Sending EMAIL in PHP

Previously we have learned some of the basic form elements which are used frequently while making a form. In this tutorial, we will learn two of the very important tasks file uploading and sending Emails. Let’s begin our discussion with file uploading in PHP. File Uploading Sometimes it is required[...]

01st Oct 2020 Manas Singh 0
Basic Structure of PHP

So far we have learnt basic information about what PHP is? And how you can configure PHP on your machine, now we will start learning PHP. PHP is a scripting language, so the scripts which you create using PHP needs not to be compiled rather it’s interpreted directly on the[...]

10th Sep 2016 Manas Singh 0
HTML form Elements

Since in our previous tutorial we have learnt the HTML form and its methods now we will learn the elements which can be used with HTML form in this tutorial. Normally form elements are used for taking various inputs from user. Input Element It is the most commonly used form[...]

08th Sep 2016 Manas Singh 0
PHP File Functions

In this tutorial we will learn some of the very important function used for file manipulation. The basic set of operations which can be performed on file is create, open, read, write, close and delete, PHP provides set of functions for all this operations. Let’s learn them all in detail.[...]

01st Sep 2016 Manas Singh 0
PHP Array Functions

In this tutorial we will learn some of the important functions used with array. Let’s start with the most important function which is used for creating array variable. array() In PHP an array can be created using a function array() as shown in the example. For Ex. <?php $num=array(10,20,30,40,50); ?>[...]

30th Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0
PHP Math Functions

In this tutorial we will learn some of the basic math functions used in PHP. abs() This function returns the absolute (positive) value of the given number. Syntax abs(number) For Ex. <?php echo abs(7.8)."<br>"; echo abs(-7.8)."<br>"; echo abs(-7)."<br>"; echo abs(7)."<br>"; ?> Output 7.8 7.8 7 7 ceil() This function rounds[...]

28th Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0
More PHP String Functions

By far we have learnt some of string function, in this tutorial we will continue our discussion of string functions with some more important functions. echo() The most commonly used function is echo() , which is used for printing one or more strings/variable. You can use echo with or without[...]

26th Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0
String Functions in PHP

Till now we have learnt what is function? And how can we define user defined functions and how can we execute them? Now we will learn some of the inbuilt functions used in PHP. PHP provides rich set of inbuilt functions which we can use whenever required. As its inbuilt[...]

23rd Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0
PHP Functions

Function is a block of code which when executed performs specific task. The main reason for using function is code reuse, write once execute any time. There are times when you need to write the same set of code more than once in your program in such case we can[...]

20th Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0