Working with Cookies in PHP

As you might be aware http is a stateless protocol, it cannot remember information between pages. A way to remember information from page to page is to use cookies. This is one of the main reason why we use cookies.

File Uploading & Sending EMAIL in PHP

Sometimes it is required that files are to be uploaded on the server for ex. You want some sort of pictures or documents as input, in such case a special form element is used.

Basic Structure of PHP

PHP is a scripting language, so the scripts which you create using PHP needs not to be compiled rather it’s interpreted directly on the go at run time.

HTML form Elements

Since in our previous tutorial we have learnt the HTML form and its methods now we will learn the elements which can be used with HTML form in this tutorial. Normally form elements are used for taking various inputs from user.

PHP File Functions

In this tutorial we will learn some of the very important function used for file manipulation. The basic set of operations which can be performed on file is create, open, read, write, close and delete, PHP provides set of functions for all this operations. Let’s learn them all in detail.

PHP Array Functions

In this tutorial we will learn some of the important functions used with array. Let’s start with the most important function which is used for creating array variable.

PHP Math Functions

In this tutorial we will learn some of the basic math functions used in PHP. abs() This function returns the absolute (positive) value of the given number.

More PHP String Functions

By far we have learnt some of string function, in this tutorial we will continue our discussion of string functions with some more important functions.

String Functions in PHP

Let’s learn the first type of inbuilt function that is String Functions. A string function is used for manipulating strings. There are various string functions which are used to perform some operations with strings.

PHP Functions

Function is a block of code which when executed performs specific task. The main reason for using function is code reuse, write once execute any time. There are times when you need to write the same set of code more than once in your program in such case we can use function.

PHP Loop structure

Loops are normally used for iterations, which is useful when some set of statements needs to be processed number of times. In PHP there are different types of loops provided as listed below. 1.while loop while loop 3.for loop 4.foreach loop

PHP Decision Making

PHP decision making or conditional statements are the statements which are used when we want to check for specific condition and based on that we want to decide which part of our PHP script is to be executed. Here to check the conditions mostly we will use relational operators.

PHP Data Types

PHP is loosely typed language you need not to define the data type for variable every time you try to create any variable, but still there may be situation when it is required to identify the data type. Data type specifies the type of data you can store in your variable.

Operators in PHP

Let’s start discussing operators in PHP now. An operator takes some values(we call them operands) and performs specific operation.

PHP Variables & Constants

A variable is name given to memory location which is used to store particular value. These values may be fixed or it can be dynamic.

How to setup PHP on your machine?

After knowing the basic concepts of PHP, the next thing which comes to your mind is “Ok so how do I install PHP on my machine?” , so before proceeding further all you need is a proper environment setup on your machine.

PHP Introduction

Any person having little knowledge of programming can learn PHP, all they need is a bit of understanding about the basic programming concepts. The person needs to know bit about programming concepts along with basic Database.
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