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PHP Loop structure

Loops are normally used for iterations, which is useful when some set of statements needs to be processed number of times. In PHP there are different types of loops provided as listed below. while loop do while loop for loop foreach loop While loop In this kind of loop the[...]

18th Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0
PHP Decision Making

PHP decision making or conditional statements are the statements which are used when we want to check for specific condition and based on that we want to decide which part of our PHP script is to be executed. Here to check the conditions mostly we will use relational operators. PHP[...]

15th Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0
PHP Data Types

In this tutorial we will learn about different data types used in PHP.  The variable which is defined in PHP stores some values. Since PHP is loosely typed language you need not to define the data type for variable every time you try to create any variable, but still there[...]

14th Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0
Operators in PHP

Before discussing operators in PHP we should know what is operator & operand? The symbols which are used to perform mathematical or logical operations are known as operator. For Ex. +, - , *, /, &&, || etc. While operand means the variables or values on which the operators will[...]

13th Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0
PHP Variables & Constants

Previously we have learnt the basic structure of PHP, here we will discuss about variables and constant in this tutorial. Variable As human mind has memory cells inside the brain for remembering the values  similarly the computer too has memory for storing values. A memory in computer is divided into[...]

11th Aug 2016 Manas Singh 0
How to setup PHP on your machine?

After knowing the basic concepts of install PHP, the next thing which comes to your mind is “Ok so how do I install PHP on my machine?”, so before proceeding further all you need is a proper environment setup on your machine. Well, this article will guide you for the[...]

08th Oct 2020 Manas Singh 0
PHP Introduction

PHP stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor" it was formerly known as "Personal Home Page". Any person having little knowledge of programming can learn PHP, all they need is a bit of understanding about the basic programming concepts. Prerequisites The person needs to know bit about programming concepts along with basic Database[...]

08th Oct 2020 Manas Singh 0