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Redis vs. Memcached : A detailed comparison

Redis and Memcached are two different types of in-memory data storage systems.  The Redis is an open-source key-value database or Memcached is a distributed memory caching system that speeds up database-driven websites and web application. Memcached allows operations like Set, Get, Add, Replace, Delete, etc. On the other hand, Redis[...]

05th Sep 2020 Nishant Joshi 0
8 Best Landing Page Builder Softwares

Landing pages are today's must-have if we’re talking about online sales. It is the first thing a user meets with when visiting your page. Not to mention that one of the key things in online marketing is making sales (conversions). Often we are clogged in notifications, calls, e-mails and other[...]

22nd Sep 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
Why enterprises should embrace open source

As everybody is aware of, the code for open source software (OSS) is made available with a license within which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the code to anyone for any purpose. OSS is usually developed in a very collaborative public manner, relying on[...]

12th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0