How to Choose Your VPS Hosting Provider

Abhigyan Singh 29th Apr 2019

After going through all the hosting choices available, you’ve finally settled on a solution for your website: VPS web hosting. Why? Well, there are numerous reasons for choosing a VPS. It’s reliable. It boasts strong security measures. It is also, generally, cost-effective and affordable for even those on a tight budget.

At least, these are the advantages you should expect. If you pick a bad web hosting provider,all prospective advantages can essentially become null and void. How do you avoid this pitfall? How do you find a hosting provider that will deliver both the quality and features expected from VPS hosting? Well, you don’t have to search far for an answer to these questions. Everything you need to consider is listed below!

High server uptime is vital

Beforelooking at other web host features, your search for a provider should begin by considering only one feature: server uptime. Security issues aside, nothing can kill off a website quicker than being unreliable and offline frequently. Potential customers will refrain from visiting the site and your SEO efforts will be heavily penalized by Google.

High server uptime, however, can be tricky to achieve. Visit any host website and they’ll promise a certain level of uptime, even if they can’t live up to expectations. For instance, you will typically see a statement such as ’99.9% uptime guaranteed’. At this stage, customer reviews are your friend. If a host provider has an extensive compendium of positive reviews, you know they can be trusted to deliver the goods. If a provider has mixed feedback or no reviews to speak of, it’s a much larger gamble.

On the topic of uptime, it is also important to go with a provider that combines speed and reliability. A fast server engenders a fast website.

Don’t simply go with the cheapest host

‘You get what you pay for’ might be an overused cliché, butit is one to remember when choosing a web host. This doesn’t necessarily mean cheap = bad. Various providersdeliver a quality service on a budget. However, budget options are usually more susceptible to traffic glitches and downtime. Again, it’s important to do your research. Read about the experiences of clients that have used the companies on your shortlist to see if they deserve to remain in contention.

On the flipside, the most expensive host doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice for your business. For example, let’s look at the most expensive web hosting solution: Dedicated Servers. If you get one of these, you will receive a whole server exclusively for your site. This server will boast ample storage space, optimum performance, and increased security. The provider will also have the best customer support in place. It all sounds great, right? However, ask yourself this question: Does your website need all of these resources? They’d be nice to have, sure.However, your business – especially if it’s a startup – is unlikely to require such features, so why spend all that money?

Once you’ve decided on the right host for your needs, ensure you receive a money-back guarantee. This will help protect you if the provider isn’t up to the standard expected.

VPS: managed or unmanaged?

The answer to this question depends on your proficiency with hosting technology.

If you go with a managed VPS, this means your provider is responsible for maintaining the server. They will update it whenever needed with security upgrades and patches. They will also deal with data backups. While a managed VPS is ideal if you want to avoid all tech-related tasks, it does leave you with less control.

With an unmanaged VPS server, most of the responsibility rests on your shoulders. However, this situation also gives you greater flexibility to customize the server to better match your requirements.

Round-the-clock customer service

While the points mentioned above might seem more important than this one, make no mistake about it: Customer service is an integral feature of any web host. If they offer little in the way of support, move on to a different provider. A good host should, at the minimum, have a customer support servicethat is always onhand to help.

Why? Well, when your website encounters any problems – and it will happen, no matter what host is chosen – you need to get these resolved ASAP. The longer your site is offline or producing errors, the more customers you will lose. As a result, it is strongly recommended to go with a provider that assures 24/7 support.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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