ReactJS And AngularJS Comparison – Which One Is The Best

David Meyer 28th Sep 2020

Mobile and web applications are the need of the hour and each business of today makes the best use of it to uplift their sales. A sparkling web presence is the first step towards success, and it can be achieved with the use of the latest technologies and frameworks. A modern and compatible framework can produce outstanding web designs, and in the same run, JavaScript is producing amazing results. Its two pillars ReactJS and AngularJS act as strong frameworks to produce awesome apps. They are considered an optimized set of handy and effective tools to make rich apps.

ReactJS and AngularJS are the outstanding JavaScript frameworks with diverse benefits in their own respect. With great innovation, both of them are used to create web and mobile applications and enable the developers to produce decent and powerful apps. ReactJS cannot be treated as the core framework as it is primarily an open-source JavaScript library. It helps to create apps that are frequently updated without requiring the page reload. ReactJS also supports virtual DOM and a boon to make single-page applications. The basic issue to render a huge amount of data can be easily resolved with ReactJS development.

On the other hand, AngularJS is a JavaScript framework or can be assumed as a library written in JavaScript. It is distributed as a JavaScript file and can be added to a web page by using a script tag. AngularJS development does not allow you to stick to one application structure and allow short loading time.

Difference between ReactJS and AngularJS

1. While working with AngularJS, HTML templates are used on the behalf of native JavaScript to deploy and run the code. But in ReactJS, the RequireJS library is used to load the code.

2.    With AngularJS, the code is easy to write while tough to debug. Whereas, in React, use chrome with React Developer Tools extension and do unhindered work in your virtual DOM.

3.    React seems to be quite simple to use with less time intake in code learning. But, Angular is a place to experiment with new concepts and features each new day.

4.    While AngularJS has an MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architecture, the ReactJS follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) where the major focus is on data representation.

5.    React, a JavaScript framework is created by Facebook and makes user interfaces with high performance, whereas AngularJS was developed by Google.

Benefits of ReactJS

  • The most light-weighted and easy to use framework among the several one's available today.
  • To handle isolated components is quite easy with ReactJS.
  • Consistent re-rendering of components allows efficient arrangement with  increasing complexity.
  • Flux architecture is convenient and highly competitive to MVC. One-way data flow followed here to provide easy maintenance and efficient arrangement of data and DOM elements.
  • Templates are not used and the view is written in JavaScript.
  • The virtual DOM is an integral part where all the changes are applied first in the document and then React search for the shortest path to implement it in the real tree. This entire scenario makes the framework fast.

Advantages of AngularJS

  • A very neat and precise documentation.
  • Two-way data binding to simplify few areas of the process.
  • Use of directives which prompts extension of HTML capabilities.
  • Ability to write custom directives.
  • The related components can be used with other frameworks as well to implement additional functionality.
  • There is a provision of selecting your favorite environment for the development, including CoffeeScript, JavaScript or even TypeScript.
  • A major use to write tests for the applications in the case of modules.


Both of the above JavaScript frameworks have diversified benefits and it is quite tough to treat one of them as the best. Actually, the entire decision is according to your requirements. Different development projects demand for something varied and count for relevant tools that can be operated into it. The one which suits best with your needs is the perfect one to use. As ReactJS is best known for its flexibility, its pure JavaScript environment allows to implement much creativity. Being robust in nature, if AngularJS restricts in few cases, ReactJS can allow complete freedom to work.

Authored By David Meyer

David Meyer is a skilled web developer working with CSSChopper from last few years. He has a great domain knowledge in AngularJS web development and loves to share informative content about the same technologies among the worldwide readers.

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