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Abhigyan Singh 17th Sep 2020


Do you know how to write a proposal if given a computer science topic? Computer science has become one of the major courses of the century, and that means you will come across it in high school or college. Some jobs or professions in this field will require you to submit a proposal to be considered for available positions in the industry.

That means learning how to pitch a proposal is a skill you cannot ignore. Here are some steps to guide you on how to write a computer science proposal for a research paper.

Step 1: Write an Introduction

In your introduction, write in a way to give your readers an idea of the points, terms, and concepts you are going to discuss in the body of the project. Use terminologies and the language associated with computer science or technology. You may want to start by mentally conveying your audience to the past and then bringing them to the current realities and specifics related to your project.

The introductory part of every writing project is a very delicate part that should be handled professionally. Your audience will move forward with the rest of your proposal if the introductory part is satisfactory and has the right prospect to be developed.

You cannot convince your audience on the relevance of your proposal if the introductory part makes no sense to them.

Thus, you have to pay attention to great details while you draft the introductory part of your proposal. Make sure you have your facts right and have a viable project topic before you kick off with your proposal.

Step 2: State the Problem

Projects are usually targeted at solving existing problems or issues which had been ignored by previous research. It is your task to identify the problems and tell your readers how you are going to solve them.

To give a glimpse of what others have done so far, you will need to include a short literature review. Point out what has been left out by these other works and mention what you want to achieve.

you should hit the ground rolling with a viable statement of the problem to grab and keep the attention of your audience.

Your statement of the problem must be unique and should solve an existing problem.

Step 3: Provide Your Research Methods

Your readers probably know a lot about the topic you are writing on and will expect to see how you plan to complete the project. A well-prepared proposal should take a reasonable time to accomplish, so allow two or three months for short projects and six or 12 months for long-terms projects.

Your research methods should explicitly explain how you source your information and how you intend to solve the problem on the ground. With a solid research methodology, you can effectively convince your audience on the potency of your process and how you intend to solve the problem in your research.

Step 4: Include Your Sources

It is good practice to give credit to scholars and researchers whose works were included in your proposal. Remember that your literature review took you to various sources within the scope of your topic. Use the American Psychological Style (APA) when writing a bibliography that displays the names and titles of the sources used in your work.

Step 5: Use a Good Structure for Your Proposal

All computer science-related departments may not use the same templates for writing proposals. You may have to find out the one your department approves. However, the following are general guidelines.

Title of Proposal

Your supervisor may make some input in the keywords to use for the title of the project. Always choose a title that best describes the content, approach, and perspective your proposal is taking.

Research Overview

Create a section in your project that describes the content of your work and how it solves an existing problem. Do not keep your readers guessing what you are trying to prove;

A instead is specific as to what you wish to debate, refute, or discuss in the research.

Research Design and Methodology

In this section, you describe to your readers how you want to conduct your research, that is, the methods you want to use and the structure the research will take.

This includes the duration of the research, aims, and objectives, and the overall approach with which to discuss the topic.

Providing your research design and methodology helps you produce empirically significant work.


A reference section is often the last part of any research work.

And it is a list of the books, sites, and journals used in the literature review section.

Make sure you choose works that are relevant and which contribute meaningfully to the research you are conducting.

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