How to Create the Best AdWords Expanded Text Ads to Boost Your Sales

Janet Anthony 19th Oct 2020

As you might have heard, Google has updated the look of AdWords. Now, you can create what is called "expanded text ads", which means exactly what it says: that now you can add 50 characters more to it.

But, what many of us have been struggling with is how to make those extra words boost our sales. Because it is not just a question of saying more. You need to think carefully what and how you will offer to your target audience - and here is how you do it.

1 - Still craft the best headline ever

Your headline hasn’t changed. You still have 30 characters and the duty to make of it the best headline ever. It is this text that your potential clients will read first, and it will be it that will make them decides if they will keep reading your ad and buy your product.
So take your time thinking about what you will write there. It should be your key selling point, something that will engage your target audience at first sight. This way, you have more chances to succeed by saying what is more important there.

2 - You got a second headline!

One of the greatest news about the expanded text ads is that we got an entirely new second headline. It gives you an additional 30 characters, meaning more space to breathe and delight your potential client.

So consider carefully what you should say there. It should be something relevant, something that will directly support what you have just said on your previous headline. Talk to your customer’s emotion, and try some call to action.

Still, bear in mind that the first headline still is more important than this one. Not only because the way that people reads, but because Google might show it differently than you expect.

Of course, you should try and use an Ad Preview tool, or other online tools, to have a fair idea, but the fact is that Google still might break it into a second line or only show part of it without previous notice.

3 - The description is now only one 80-character line

If before you had to deal with two 35-characters lines, now you can relax, and write away one perfect 80-character line. As you can imagine, it isn’t about extra 10 characters. It is the fact that you will be able to start and finish your thought without having to break it into two ideas.

Remember that it is in your description that you add your call-to-action. And that is your CTA that will ensure that you will take your potential customer to the next step of your buyer’s journey. So be exciting and intriguing – make not clicking on your ad almost impossible to resist.

4 - You can customize your display URL

Now, with the AdWords Expanded Text Ads, you can customize the two 15-character description path fields. Your domain is also dynamically imported from the final URL, which will save you much time.

On this matter, you should consider adding relevant keywords to your path fields, in order to make them more searchable. If nothing else, you definitely should change it if what you have as default is not very exciting or might make your target audience confused about where they will be sent.

5 - Create new ads

Now that you have understood what is new about each one of the elements, it is time for you to consider a few tips. The first thing I want to highlight is that you should create new ads for the new format. Don’t just get your current ads and add extra characters to it.
Even if your ads are performing well, you are dealing with a new campaign and a new style. So you should treat it as it deserves. Do some research on top websites, and start creating it from scratch, so you will see much better results coming from it.

6 - And yet, don’t throw your old ads away

Despite what I said above, you aren’t supposed just to cancel all your AdWords campaigns and restart them all with expanded text ads. Consider that it is a new tool, so it is important that you use it carefully and test how your target audience will respond to it step by step.

That is to say is that the best thing to do is create one single expanded text ads, or a couple of them, and check their metrics to see how they are going. You might realise that your public is still more comfortable with the old style, so no reason to rush into the new one straight away.

The bottom line

As you know, creating ads can be quite daunting. There is a lot to say and so few characters available. So I am sure that you were happy and you got all that extra possibilities with the AdWords expanded text ads.

Still, it doesn’t mean that you should be using those characters without careful consideration. The same way that they can add value to your ad, they can also ruin it, if you choose to say the wrong thing.

So read again all the tips above and start crafting your ads. See how they will look like with an Ad Preview tool, publish a couple of them, and follow the metrics. Make adjustments if necessary, and keep it going. Soon you will find the best way to boost your sales with expanded text ads.

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Authored By Janet Anthony

Janet Anthony is a blogger from Kansas City who has been writing professionally for five years now. She mostly writes about blogging, online marketing, tech tips, social media and entrepreneurship. Her motto is "What you do today can improve all your tomorrows".

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