Create Google OAuth API and Developer Key

Manas Singh 10th Oct 2020

Google OAuth API is the most important part to access google based services. There is various type of google based services like BigQuery API, Blogger API v3, Contacts API, etc. But to access these services we need Google OAuth API and Developer Key.

In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to create Google OAuth API and Developer Key. By using these keys you can access google user's detail like name, image, etc.

Create client ID and Secret ID

Stepa is given below:

  1. First Step to Sign In to Google
  2. Go to this link Google API Console

3. Click on the “Create Project” button with a blue color Icon.

4. Accept terms and conditions.

5. After accepting you will a console screen with Left Menu.

6. click on left side menu "API Access"

A popup will open with the “Create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID” button with a blue color Icon. Click on that you will get a popup with Create client ID. Here provide your Product name, Product Logo, Home page Url. And click “Next”

Here provide you hostname information and click on the “Create Client ID” button.

7. Now you will get a client ID and Secret ID

8. Forgetting developer ID, You need to click on the “Services” link on the left side menu. A developer ID is needed to create any application

9. Here click on any of the services and accept the terms and conditions. Now you got All IDs.

10. By clicking “API Access” on the left menu, You can get all the IDs


Hope this tutorial will work for you. For any Query or questions please write MW in the Comment section.

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