Creativity in an Open Office

Abhigyan Singh 12th Sep 2020

In an open office setup, creativity is a key feature to increase productivity. There are several opportunities the office can give out to enhance opportunities that provide a platform for creativity to occur. It requires a lot of effort. This effort can include the creation of a culture that takes up the open office to your convenience.

The commodities that are supposed to be shared in order to promote creativity can either be obtained from home or purchased to be used by the team. For instance, a visitor sign in can help the visitor and the person they are there to see. A visitor management system automatically notifies hosts when a visitor arrives via email or Slack.

It can make everything seamless from the time the visitor enters the building to when they connect with the person they are there to see. Your guest will be impressed.

Ways to Improve Creativity

Ensuring that the team has access to conference rooms, huddle spaces, and empty seats. A team can enhance their creativity, productivity, and focus after being given access to the various rooms. Through this, the traveling, remote, and contract employees have a sense of belonging without having to worry about where they are.

Have you ever thought about the inclusion of nap rooms in your office? Most employees do not get the required seven to eight hours of sleep due to their busy schedules.

Lack of enough sleep lowers their productivity since it will lead to daydreaming at work. By permitting them to take a power nap, they will be able to boost their energy and productivity. Better health and wellness results in a rise in productivity, an increase in employee focus, and the company’s savings on health.

In a large company, it takes a lot of time to find people and accessible meeting rooms. A visitor management system can be of great help by ensuring easy navigation at the office place.

Wouldn't it be great if you had help finding accessible conference rooms by using interactive maps? It also enables booking of rooms ahead of time or at the moment the need arises through the application—less time is wasted. This gives the employees more time to come up with creative ideas.

A Visitor Management System

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the office set up in many ways. Certain factors, such as social distancing, are to be observe as employees interact with each other. This has led to the need for a visitor management system to control the number of people who enter in and out of an office and also the person who enters. The visitor management system has resulted in several benefits such as:

Promoting health and safety in the workplace. Visitor management software that comprises digital displays eliminates the use of paper logs which were initially used by many offices. This prevents the touching of surfaces that are frequently used and need to be sanitized regularly.

Also, touchless check-in systems limit contact since they only require mobile devices and they reduce the spread of germs. Moreover, those in charge of the companies are able to conduct the self-screening surveys for their employees. The software saves a lot of time which will be beneficial to the company.

Setting up alerts, visitor watch lists, and security checks are made easier by the software. This will enable the company to know who visited the premise and for what purpose. This will enable the company to be at peace knowing the business and everybody involved is protected.

In case one of the visitors tests positive for the coronavirus, the company is able to do a follow up on which employee interacted with the visitor, and the employee is tested. This will prevent further spread.

Creativity in Remote Offices

In the New York Times, there is a clear indication of how the pandemic has turned many offices to remote offices. Employees are now expected to work from home which is very challenging due to the many distractions that are found at home. A lot of employees in remote offices are less likely to take a sick day and they also have shorter breaks.

Working in remote offices is lonely since the employees do not have constant interactions. Innovation and creativity can be a problem. This is because there are fewer discussions that may trigger employees to come up with a creative idea.

Though remote offices are the new normal, it leads to less creativity but more working hours; hence, the company should work on balancing both creativity and productivity by creating a favorable culture for all employees.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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