Differences between SQL and NoSQL databases

Manas Singh 05th Sep 2020

We use database in our every application whether it is web app or mobile app. Database is using in every application and in every industry to store and retrieve the database. Both database is having their own specialty in terms of storage and their storage engine.

Now let's understand the main difference of both SQL and NoSQL database with their multiple examples. These databases are also different based on their different data types.

Difference between SQL and NoSQL databases

S. No.SQL DatabaseNoSQL Database
1SQL databases is mainly called as Relational Databases or Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).NoSQL databases is mainly called as non-relational or distributed database.
2SQL databases manipulate data in terms of structure query language which have predefined schema which determine the structure of data.NoSQL database don't have any predefined set of structure which determined the data. It just store unstructured data.
3SQL databases represent data in the form of tables so it  also known as table based database. It stores in the form of row and column manner.NoSQL databases represent data in the form of collection with key-value pair, documents, graph databases or wide-column stores.
4SQL databases are vertically scalable. It is scaled up by increasing the load on a single server by increasing set of hardware like RAM, CPU etc.NoSQL databases are horizontally scalable which means that it can handle more traffic by sharding, or adding more servers in the pool of resources.
5SQL database can perform very complex queries operation because it is using Structured Query Language.NoSQL database is not suited for complex queries because it is just a collection of document. It doesn't have standard interfaces to perform complex queries.
6SQL databases are not good fit for hierarchical data storage because it has a predefined schema.NoSQL database best suited for the hierarchical data storage because it follows the key-value pair for storing data which is same to JSON data.
7SQL database is having excellent support from various vendors and It also has rich community of users. There are multiple consultants are available to give deployment support.For NoSQL database, we only need to relay on community support but it is growing rapidly.
8SQL database  support ACID property (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability)NoSQL database support the Brewers CAP theorem (Consistency, Availability and Partition tolerance)
9SQL database are best suited for heavy application where complex queries are required. Also it is more stable and support atomicity and integrity of the data.NoSQL is still not comparable and stable for high load and for complex transnational applications.
10SQL is an old database so most of the large applications are using it.NoSQL is rapidly growing database and used for high end application including AI (artificial intelligence), Machine Learning, several searching technique etc.
11The example of SQL database is MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL ServerThe example of NoSQL database is MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, RavenDB, HBase


We  all have a well research while curating the above difference of SQL and NoSQL database but this may be few more which is missed so if you find any other difference please let us know the same in comment section. We will include it on our article.

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