Differentiate between multiprocessors and multicomputer

Abhigyan Singh 13th Jul 2020


#Multicomputer Multiprocessors
1A computer made up of several computers. similar to parallel computing.A multiprocessor system is simply a computer that has more than one CPU on its motherboard.
2Distributed computing deals with hardware and software systems containing more than one processing element, multiple programs, running under a loosely or tightly controlled regime.Multiprocessing is the use of two or more central processing units (CPUs) within a single computer system.
3Multicomputer have one physical address space per CPU.Multiprocessors have a single physical address space (memory) shared by all the CPUs
4It can run fasterA multiprocessor would run slower, because it would be in ONE computer.
5A multi-computer is multiple computers, each of which can have multiple processors. Used for true parallel processing.A multi-processor is a single system with multiple CPU's.


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