Facebook Digital Marketing Course for Contractors: How to Engage Better with Customers

Manas Singh 22nd Sep 2020

Facebook engagement is one powerful marketing strategy that enables you to have better reach, boost sales of your products, or help drive traffic into your website. When you say Facebook engagement, this means any action that a user makes on Facebook with the intention of gaining more followers. These actions can be as simple as leaving a comment, liking a post, or sharing content. For more marketing strategies, you may want to take a look at training platform webmarketing123.com.

Here are some Facebook engagement strategies that you can try.

  1. Determine the best time to post and how often. Post your content at a time when your audience is most likely to view and interact with it. Deciding the perfect time to post your social media content is a great way to ensure engagement. However, you need to acknowledge that Facebook has a complicated newsfeed algorithm, which can affect your timing. Generally, the best times to post content on weekdays is between 12 PM and 3 PM and 12 PM to 1 PM on weekends. You can also check Facebook’s Page Insights to determine your engagement data.
  2. Use impressive visuals. Make your content outstanding by adding graphics, images, or videos. Visually rich content are more likely to engage your audience. Analysis of more than a hundred million Facebook updates in a three-month period showed that content with visuals was 2.3 times more likely to engage an audience than those without. This means that posts with images have twice the probability of getting a like or share.
  3. Try different video styles. Another fun way to engage your audience is through videos. Posts that contain videos are found to be shared more by the audience than those with plain text. Take advantage of this engagement trick by using various styles like the following:
  • Featured videos under your “About” section
  • Video tutorials using your products
  • Facebook Live videos that allow you to reach your audience in real time
  • Motivational videos using quotes and soothing music
  • Behind-the-scenes videos of your brand
  1. Share useful content. To know what is useful for your audience, create content with the following tips in mind:
  • Relevant. Ensure that your content will address your audience’s problems.
  • Real-life. The solution you provide in the content should address a real-life problem.
  • Clear. Your content should include actual steps of solving the problem.
  • Attainable. After reading the content you shared, the reader should be able to apply the solution immediately.
  • Worthy. Provide content that your audience will gladly share with their friends.
  1. Monitor your performance. Observe what kind of posts worked and which ones failed. You then adjust your strategy according to your observation.Make use of Facebook analytics to help you track which posts worked well with your audience.
  2. Ask questions. Getting your audience to leave a comment is a great way to engage them. Sharing blogs or articles to your website and asking them what they think is a great way to encourage them to drop comments in your post. Be creative in throwing questions. Here are examples:
  • Why do you like [brand/event]?
  • What do you think about [brand/event]?
  • What is your favorite [commodity/product]?
  1. Reflect on post length. Facebook has set more than 60,000 characters for a single post, which is quite lengthy for most readers. Try different post lengths and determine which works perfectly. Posts with 40 to 80 characters are said to enjoy 86% more engagement than longer ones.
  2. Encourage people to visit your Facebook page from other platforms. Most brands maintain following on various social media platforms. One helpful technique is to drive your followers from one platform to another. For instance, you can include the link to your Facebook page in your Instagram bio or a tweet. In your website’s blog, you can also display your Facebook page. If online users enjoy your content, they would not hesitate to check out your other social media pages as well.
  3. Join relevant Facebook groups. Doing this will bring your content to a group of people sharing common goals, interests, or ideas, which will quickly boost your engagement. Joining groups also allows you to reach a more targeted audience. Groups enable participants to share and discuss content that is relevant to them. You can also gain more following by leaving comments or answering questions from participants of the group.
  4. Connect with relevant pages and brands. Of course, you should not excessively promote other people’s products, but you can share other brands’ content pertinent to your audience. Other brands will notice this thoughtful approach and will gladly return the favor.
  5. Use calls to action. Studies show that using specific terms such as “like,” “share,” “comment,” and “please” can enhance engagement.

Facebook engagement is a digital marketing tool that small and large businesses can use to help boost their following on the platform. Using these tips will help increase Facebook engagement and more followers will most likely mean more sales. Make sure to use other social media platforms to widen your audience, too.

Authored By Manas Singh

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