FilmoraPro – Video Editing Software with Outgrown Features at the Entry Level

Abhigyan Singh 22nd Sep 2020

Often there’s a misconception that video editing is something very difficult. It was the same for me too till a month back, until I explored the FilmoraPro video editing software. The Filmora Video Editor makers, Wondershare Technology have come up with new video editing software FilmoraPro.  It is a more powerful video editing software than its counterpart Filmora9. FilmoraPro is loaded with more features and tools that give you more control to explore the limitless creative possibilities and high output and efficiency. It is targeted towards the Filmmakers, YouTubers, and people who wish to have outgrown features in video editing software even at the entry-level. Let me show you why FilmoraPro is the best video editing software ins in recent times.

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Highlights of FilmoraPro

There are several advanced features in FilmoraPro - Filmora's video editor for pro. Here are some of the highlights of this video editing software.

Use of Audio

Do you want to mute the sound in a particular video clip or just want the sound without a clip? Filmora9 can allow you this feature but FilmoraPro has an easier approach to it. FilmoraPro is less complex and more efficient in comparison to the Filmora tool.

If you don’t want audio in a video or wish to replace one video with another, FilmoraPro - Filmora's pro video editor allows you to complete it in just one click “use audio” or “use video” and the rest gets deleted automatically. There are also several advanced audio editing features. From syncing audio clips to removing background noises, FilmoraPro offers it all.

Infinite Tracks

You get unlimited tracks with FilmoraPro. You can use your creativity to the fullest by adding whatever you want to create an amazing video. You don’t have to be conventional, by keeping your creativity to a certain limit. FilmoraPro allows your creativity to explode.

Timeline Clip Grouping

FilmoraPro - Filmora's pro video editing software allows you to label clips and group it on your timeline to apply similar editing effects to all the clips at one go, making your editing easy and fast. With timeline clip grouping, you can bring all the clips under one label and apply effects at once.

Range Marker

Now, selecting a part of the clip is easily possible with FilmoraPro. By selecting a starting and ending point and then dragging it to a track for additional editing, you can mark the range in the clip you wish to add to your project.

Advanced Modes of Editing

FilmoraPro - Filmora's pro video editing software offers some of the best and advanced video editing tools like the Slide Tool, the Roll Edit tool, the Ripple Edit Tool, and the Slip Tool.

Color Correction Feature

With FilmoraPro, now you can easily tune the colors in the video to make it brighter and better. From controls for highlights, shadows, and mid-tones to color wheels and scopes, the auto-correction feature fine-tunes your videos. The advanced features like visual effects in Hollywood style, keyframing for motion graphics, text animation, etc. are available with FilmoraPro.


FilmoraPro video editing software can be easily downloaded online, completely free on both the Windows PC as well as Mac. The only drawback in FilmoraPro - Filmora's video editor for prois although you can download it for free; the final video output has certain limitations and comes with a watermark. I have been using FilmoraPro video editing software for a month and I can guarantee you that the range of features overshadows one or two drawbacks, if any. Trust me; you will not be disappointed after using the FilmoraPro video editing software.

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