Four Ultimate Ways, a VPN Browser Extension, Can Safe Your Online Identity

Abhigyan Singh 09th Sep 2020

Nowadays, cyber crimes are increasing day by day, and as a result, the overall importance of cybersecurity & data privacy has increased. Every year IT experts are developing new solutions to ensure maximum data privacies while staying online. But it is a bitter fact that most of the internet users are not well familiar with the benefits of a VPN Browser Extensions VPN; that’s why only 25% of them are encrypting their traffic.

Virtual Private Network creates a private network over the public network by creating a site to site tunnel. VPNs are available in the market in different forms. You can download & use it on your PC, or for mobile devices, you can download VPN applications from Google Play Store (Android) or iCloud (iPhone). But what about the browsers! How to encrypt the traffic of internet browsers? No doubt, browsers have increased the VPN security, but you can also use the VPN Browser Extensions to encrypt your outgoing traffic.

It is highly crucial for those who are concerned about web security and wants to encrypt all of their traffic. Several extensions are available for different browsers—for example, Google Chrome VPN extension. You can use this VPN to hide your location, can change your public IP address, and you can set up a VPN as you wish.

If your routine work is limited to the web browser, then the high-quality VPN browser is the ultimate choice for you! So, grab one! Encrypt your web traffic.

Why the Browser VPN Extension is the best choice for you?

Why should you use Google Chrome VPN Extension? The answer is obvious; everyone loves privacy. More than 25% of people over the internet are already using a VPN. Fully features VPN applications might not be suitable in your case, but VPN Browser Extension may be the best solution for you. Let’s explore the reasons why do you need a VPN Browser Extension.

Hide your Public IP Address 

If you are techy, then you might be familiar with the fact that the information associated with your IP address. For instance, your Internet Service provider (ISP) can easily use your IP address to track you’re every single click online. While if any hackers find your IP address, it can easily hack your device and lock all of your files and folders and later can ask money in to unlock them.

With the help of the browser VPN extension, you can easily hide your IP address. All of your outgoing traffic of the VPN routed through the VPN server, and then it leaves the server to route towards your destination with the new IP address of the VPN server as the source IP address.

Secondly, globally it has been seen that IP addresses of one region are blocked by the second region that why you can’t access the services hosted in that region. With the help of the VPN, you can easily unblock them. You can bypass all the geo-restrictions placed by your ISP within no time.

Encrypt all Web Traffic 

HTTP & HTTPS are the application layer protocols that provide a secure connection over the web. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Type Protocol Secure. The websites using SSL encryption mechanisms are more secure than those who are not using SSL Encryption.

Nowadays, most of the hosting companies are offering free SSL Certificates, but still, many websites are available online without SSL protection. In that case, a VPN Browser extension can keep you safe and provide an extra layer of security & encryption.

Prevent Annoying Ads & Malware Attacks

Many of the Google Chrome & Firefox VPN extensions provide an extra functionality of protecting you from annoying ads, malware, and hacking attacks.

For instance, the RUSVPN is equipped with a new technology that provides an extra layer of firewall that protects you from accessing malware websites. Secondly, it prevents hackers from hacking your device as well. So, mate, there is nothing wrong with saying that a VPN extension can save you from hackers and other malware attacks.

Prevent IP Leaks

Unfortunately, there are some loopholes even in great VPNs, for instance, IP leaks. This is due to the WebRTC protocol that is embedded inside the browsers. It is also a fact that IP addresses will not reveal your identity but can quickly reveal your location and other information that hackers have with your IP address.

Powerful VPN Browser Extensions allow the user to turn off that kind of protocol. If you are genuinely concern about your identity over the internet, then I must say that you must seriously think about an extra layer of protection with the help of a power VPN Browser extension.

Final Verdicts

Privacy, data loss, ransomware, and all other cyber threats are due to the insecure internet we are using today. In this world of technology, you must stay up to date with the techniques and their uses. So, install Google Chrome VPN Extension or Firefox VPN Extension to enjoy an extra layer of security.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

He is a continuous blogger and has blogged on different topic. He loves to surf Internet and always trying to get new Idea about new Technology and Innovations and sharing these great information to all the technology lovers.

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