Four Ways Social Media Will Help Your Website SEO

Manas Singh 06th Aug 2021

One of the most critical points to focus on when boosting your website and gaining traffic is SEO. After all, with the trillions of searches done yearly, a lot of your potential audience can be found after optimizing your website to be found ranking high on search engines! However, getting better rankings on search engines isn't just about focusing on your website, but your social media accounts as well!

YES, social media can actually help boost your SEO, and in amazing ways as long as it's done right. But how? Read on as I show you the four ways social media will help your website's SEO.

So, how exactly does social media boost your website's SEO? Surprisingly, there are so many ways social media can help boost your SEO and organic traffic. Here are the four important ways it can help you out:

Content Promotion

Social media helps your website rank because of content promotions! After all, one of the main functions social media has is sharing content, a way that users would engage with social media websites. Whether you share photos, videos, streams, or texts, it's still content and shared all throughout.

Regardless of whether or not you make the best kind of content, if it doesn't reach an audience, then all that hard work is put to waste. That's where social media comes along, which helps promote your content from the website to social news channels. This brings your content out to a fresh audience, other than who you have now, boosting your brand.

While links given by social shares don't have a similar SEO value compared to backlinks from authoritative websites, they are still very influential, raising engagement and lesser bounce rate. As a result, such metrics will be seen as very positive to search engines. Through social media shares and letting your brand be known by more people, your website ranking can rise.

Brand Awareness

There was an experiment made by a UK-based SEO company to see if brand awareness can
impact organic search rankings. While there was no direct confirmation that brand awareness does boost such rankings, they confirmed that there's a connection between search performance and strong brands.

SEMrush also had a report which shows what impacts one's search results, with the number on factor being direct traffic, which is connected with brand recognition since the people who visit you are aware of the site. Obviously, people need to see and know your brand name and the products you offer a lot before visiting your website, instead of entering it through search queries.

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That's why social media comes to the rescue again, building brand awareness as it offers direct access to your target market. Through posting the informative content, offering excellent customer service, and participating on various conversations on social media, this can all build your brand's awareness and bring people to your website, AND raise SEO. Other options include paying for advertisements and sponsored posts, which also has you reach audiences!

Boosts Local Engagement

Social media platforms give you the opportunities to engage with your local community, which helps send signals from local-specific authorities to your search engines.

While local SEO can be increased in various ways, one of the easiest and effective things to do is to interact with local brands and promote your brand's involvement in local events. This is especially beneficial for local businesses, which attracts local visitors to your website and have you gain more traffic AND send the positive signals to Google.

You can do this by researching local brands in your area, engaging with them by sharing updates, host live discussions together, or even guest blogging and promoting each other's posts on social media.

If ever you're a part of local events, then share your pictures and videos about the experience. Blogging about locally-relevant content can also attract local audiences, sharing it on social media to gain more viewers from the area.

Link Building

Social media also gives you the better chance for external websites to link to your content. BUT, this comes with some terms. First off, you need to have the best content with much authority, or no one will want to link it out. Linkable assets are a must, and you can leverage social media when you want to gain as much exposure as you can for it.

A study by SEO PowerSuite even shows how many specialists would use social media when link building, showing the positive results because of all the social media shares and the like. It doesn't only reach your potential customers, but other companies that would be interested in creating a network, too!

Wrapping It Up

Your website's search engine rankings doesn't only depend on whether you hire any SEO expert, but it also depends on how you work on your website and social media accounts. Recently, facebook digital marketing gains more popularity to boost your website traffic. Through knowing how you can utilize social media to promote your website and improve your SEO, you can get the needed rank to garner more traffic and success in the long run.

I hope that this article on the four ways social media will help your website's SEO gave insight to what you can do. So use this as a starting point for your website success now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on using social media for better SEO, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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