How to Grow your Business with Cloud Computing

Abhigyan Singh 12th May 2018

Cloud computing has emerged as a solution to complex problems of small and medium enterprises. It is affordable, and you can scale up and down your resources as per changing requirements. The pay what you use feature allows organizations to migrate their business operations and infrastructure over the cloud. Companies that were spending a huge amount on their IT services and solution have shifted to per use cost.

A variety of flexible solutions make cloud popular. Cloud has not only changed the way of running IT businesses, but it has also shown impact on other sectors including medical, finance, nuclear science, etc. Moreover, it has become a good career option as you can take training like Azure training or certify your skills by becoming AWS architect.

Few of the main benefits associated with cloud that are driving the business operations effectively and efficiently are:

1. Reduced Cost:

The first requirement for settling a business is money expenditure. Most companies operate their work with limited budget. The cost of installing physical resources is too high. Rather than buying new hardware resources, lend it over the cloud. This is how the investment in infrastructure got reduced to a minimal amount.

2. Replicating Data:

The biggest challenge for companies these days is data safety. Apart from storage cloud service providers offer solutions for securing your data. The data is stored at secured sites for the purpose of providing backup. In case if you lose your data, you can download a backup from that place. Few vendors clone your data in multiple geographical locations.

For designing an effective backup strategy, you need a proper infrastructure for storage and security solution, which costs a big amount. You can also create a backup for local site machine which is not secure regarding system failure or accidental loss. So selecting cloud-based services for storing and creating a backup in a minimal time interval is the right solution for managing your business operations.

3. Remote Work:

You are not bounded to any single physical device for accessing resources on the cloud. They can be accessible from anywhere on any compatible device. It can be PCs, tablets, smartphones etc. In this way companies can send their employees to field work and control work remotely.

Automating procedures and operations which can now be accessible through internet connected devices have its benefits for running businesses. You can track your employees, providing them necessary data on the field whenever they needed it from anywhere.

4. Scalable and Flexible Solutions:

Depending on the quick need for scaling up and down your business operations, the cloud offers a flexible solution as your changing needs. You can add any number of resources virtually to your machine like be storage, processors, RAMs, anything you required to add to your machine. Instead of buying or installing costly upgrades in your machine, add the prior solution in just a few clicks.

5. Art with Innovation:

If you have a new startup business plan in your mind, then convert it into reality with outstanding services provided by the cloud. Whatever you are planning to execute even if it is based on artificial intelligence, robotics, e-commerce, inventory solution, or anything, you are just a few clicks away from your reality. Just select the proper platform, storage, services or application and build, run or deploy them easily. Instead of wasting your time on IT stuff just focus on your business plan and operation. Use cloud-based services to build and execute innovative ideas for fulfilling your desire.

6. Achieving Agility with Automation:

For achieving successful agile environment, automation is the priority. Cloud computing services are destined to be highly automated and self-provisioned for providing fast services to their end users. It ensures organizations to quickly respond to their business queries, customer demands, enhancing their service and operational cycle. So in this way the whole team can participate and work in a well designed and fully automated environment.

Final words:

Cloud computing has become important for organizations to automate work operations, data backup, etc.

A number of organizations have deployed cloud models in their operations to provide end user experience. Experts say that the time is near when everything will be on cloud.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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