Grow your business with video marketing faster than classical advertising campaigns

Abhigyan Singh 23rd Sep 2020

Video marketing can help you grow your business faster than classical advertising campaigns.

It is said that an image is worth a thousand words. This is definitely true when you are trying to sell a product or service, but if this is the case, then how much can a video worth it? Maybe it would compile millions of words.

Business owners know that this idea is the basis for video marketing. As you can imagine, this concept defines the integration of suggestive and engaging videos in a marketing campaign. This type of advertising is applicable to all companies, regardless of their profile.

What is video marketing and how it works

It’s not complicated to develop a good video marketing campaign. You will have to create footage that promotes your company, services, or products in such a way that it can raise awareness among customers, increase your sales and create a strong community around your brand. Maybe you already thought about that and we know that everybody with a smartphone can make videos.

However, video marketing means identifying ways to make videos better. In this case, a successful marketing strategy means:

  1. Making a plan and allocating resources
  2. Tell your story and create an emerging video
  3. Engage your audience while you create the video (share some customer reviews on your products, short interviews where they talk about your business and so on)
  4. Less is more, so keep it as short and simple as possible
  5. Publish your newly created videos on every streaming platform and social media channel available

In addition, you’ll have to measure success and keep track of your online activity by monitoring various metrics. Peoples’ reactions and the brand's impact in the community are other good success rate indicators.

Why should you start using video marketing?

When you analyze the information mentioned above, you realize that it’s time you start working on campaign.

The strategy can be used for your business’s development: building customer interaction, promoting your brand, product or service, and others.

Besides, videos can boost sales and conversions, can help you gain your customers’ trust and you can explain more through a video than through a flyer for example. Furthermore, while they look at a video, visitors will spend more time on your site and the chances of Google showing it among the firsts during a search will increase.

Mobile users would rather look at a presentation video instead of reading an ad published on a website. This is applicable to lazy customers as well. Last, but not least, footage engage social shares and can be used for successful e-mail campaigns.

Which is the best video editing software for YouTube on Windows?

In order to create cool videos for your marketing campaign, you’ll need good video editing software. Since Windows is the most popular operating system, let’s see what the most used editing tools for this OS are.

  1. Wondershare Filmora – it’s the most user-friendly video editing software. It allows you to play with video and audio effects, customize the videos with music from its own library, and more. A free version is available for download, but you’ll get to use all its amazing features if you choose a payment plan.
  2. Windows Movie Maker – free and easy to use. It has certain limitations when you use the free version
  3. YouTube video editor – the basic package is available for free download some features are limited version.

You can find out more about these tools through an online search. Here you can find many tutorials for downloading, installing, and using each of these software and more. Learn to use one of them and start creating marketing videos!

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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