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Manas Singh 10th Sep 2020

Today, students have lots of learning opportunities, regardless of financial status. It doesn’t matter where you live as you can get a certificate online. Distant learning has become one of the most common types of getting an education. Moreover, there are many helpful websites for students with free access to materials in a wide range of disciplines. Would you like to improve your skills and gain new knowledge? You’re recommended to check the list of the most useful educational platforms where you’re going to get the necessary academic help.

BBC Languages

The knowledge of two or three foreign languages will help you to find a well-paid job. Today, the employer hires only the best-qualified specialists who can communicate with foreign partners. Learning foreign languages is easy using the BBC Languages platform where you will find all you need to master English, German, French, Italian, and over 30 other languages.

You’ll get access to audio and video files, which will help you to learn the chosen language faster. It’s the best website for language learners who lack time to visit courses. Learn online and you’ll see the result quickly.

Whenever you feel tired from numerous assignments, go to and their freelance writers. Talented and experienced writers will help you to create a great paper before the deadline. It’s the best opportunity to save time and take minimum efforts when you need to submit a high-quality academic project urgently. The well-educated writers will provide you with essay samples at an affordable price. No need to hesitate whether it’s a good idea to ask for extra help or not if you lack time catastrophically or just want to visit relatives on the weekend instead of writing papers.

Have you always dreamt of a possibility to learn from experts? is a popular educational platform, which allows listening to the courses of the prestigious universities. Those who have graduated from university can also choose a course from Harvard and other famous educational establishments helpful websites

Enter and enjoy an opportunity to improve the knowledge of Business, Marketing, Humanities, and other disciplines online. On the main page of the website, there is a list of the subject fields you should choose from. Take up an online course and subscribe to it using an application on your smartphone or other devices.

The main aim of this educational resource is to provide everyone with the possibility to get an education. Here are lots of courses to choose from. The best universities and colleges offer online courses and lectures online. Most of them are free of charge. Each course contains all the necessary materials for high-quality learning. Access multimedia files, tests, etc. using your smartphone, which is always at hand or any other device. The main benefit is that here you can share your ideas and experiences with other students. Use this opportunity to your benefit by giving a helping hand to each other when learning something new.

Are you going to write an essay paper about innovative technology or a project on design? First, visit where you will find all the necessary information. Here are the talks on intriguing topics, which you can listen to on the website. The main topics are entertainment, design, and technology.

So, if you want to create an interesting paper on one of these topics, visit

Better Explained

Math, Calculus, and other exact sciences are presented here. It’s a good place to visit if you need visual explanations of a topic. Better Explained offers students a lot of learning opportunities. Check Statistics data and get other useful information for Math learning.


Udemy is a  helpful website platform for students who want to gain knowledge of general topics. The choice of topics is impressive. The only thing to take into account is that the most part of multimedia here can be reached only after you make the payment.


Today, every employer appreciates when a job applicant knows at least the basics of computer science. Codecademy is a helpful website platform where you will find a lot of useful materials for gaining the necessary knowledge in the sphere of IT. Choose the course you’re interested in and get started. Even if you don’t have the experience of writing code, you’ll be able to do this with time using clear instructions. Learn WEB development, programming, computer science, and take other interesting courses online to become a competent specialist who will be of high demand.


It’s a large learning platform for adults who want to master some new subjects. Here is a large number of online courses to choose from. This helpful website has been designed to provide every adult with a chance to change lives for the better and achieve success in a career. The career training offered here will help you to choose the right path.

It’s one more helpful educational website where you will find a lot of helpful information for your career development. There are about one thousand lessons to choose from. project provides a possibility to learn for free. Gain skills in technology, reading, computer science, and other subject fields. Choose a tutorial you need online and improve your knowledge from anywhere you are entering a user-friendly website.

Don’t waste time and start learning now. The more skills you have, the higher the chances to find a prestigious well-paid job. So, choose tutorials that will contribute to your personal development. Don’t you have much time for this? Remember that you can delegate the part of your assignments to custom writers while you’re learning computer basics or gaining some other skills that are more important for you now.

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